Metaverse Asia Expo 2022: Metaverse for Accounting Practices

Metaverse is applicable to CPAs ranging from hassle free virtual working spaces to client and staff engagement as well as team building.

With the world of augmented reality, virtual reality and second digital selves (aka Avatars), everything from how work is being conducted, how customers behave and how people learn in the future will be affected.

You will have the opportunity to connect with blockchain experts all over Asia by winning tickets to the MAE2022 event by purchasing at the homepage for 12 USD or participating in Roblox to earn tickets.

StarBiz is the media partner for the MAE2022 event. You can register to participate in the MAE2022 event here, the special code for StarBiz is: "MOLI".

Unlimited online view admission (deadline on 07 OCT 2022)

Limited Quota MAE2022 Metaverse admission (deadline on 07 OCT 2022) 100 tickets but can offer more (first come first serve - depend on the availability)