Selena Gomez reveals scar of kidney transplant surgery

Selena Gomez reveals scar of kidney transplant surgery

Selena Gomez's shared image of scars received more than 10 million likes on Instagram's social network.

Selena Gomez is receiving great attention from the public when recently, she shared a picture of wearing a swimsuit for the first time to reveal a long scar on her leg - the sequelae after a kidney transplant surgery since 2017. After 3 years, for the first time, singer Same Old Love shared his feelings about this scar for the first time, because this was once a huge psychological barrier to Selena during the past time.


In the photo shared on Instagram, Selena confidently showed off her sexy body. All attention is focused on the scar on the female singer's leg. She confided very long on social media: "When I had a kidney transplant, I remember how difficult it was to reveal the scar. I didn't want it to appear in the pictures, that's why I always felt like trying to hide this scar. But now things are different. I feel very confident in myself and in my experience. I'm proud of everything. Everyone is beautiful. " .

The photo with Selena's emotional sharing line has attracted 10 million "hearts" of netizens. On the social network, hundreds of thousands of comments and best wishes sent to Selena: "She is now much more confident and stronger than before. That makes Selena extremely attractive", "Come on Selena, sister Always beautiful "," A brave girl "," The scar makes Selena more beautiful than ever "," You are a brave warrior ", …


Selena Gomez has had to fight Lupus scarlet fever - a chronic autoimmune disease that occurs when the body's immune system begins to attack healthy tissues and organs - for long periods of time. In 2017, Selena performed a kidney transplant due to complications of Lupus, and the donor was Selena's best friend, Francia Raisa.


Until now, Selena is still affected from this disease. Appearing in the recent make-up clip, she made fans worried because her hands were shaking.
Even so, the owner of the hit Love You Like A Love Song is always confident and shining. She has just made people "lose their heart" with a series of perfectly beautiful advertising photos up to the millimeter when taken for the new make up brand.