5 worst songs in 2020 by Pop Dust

5 worst songs in 2020 by Pop Dust

The list of the 5 worst songs in 2020 summarized by Pop Dust is causing a stir in the audience. Recently, Pop Dust m...

The list of the 5 worst songs in 2020 summarized by Pop Dust is causing a stir in the audience.

Recently, Pop Dust magazine has published a list of 5 worst songs to be released in 2020. Pop Dust emphasized this was the time when many big names of the world music industry have returned, bringing extremely high quality music products such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande or Fiona Apple (who received 10 points from Pitchfork for the latest album). But here and there, there are still really bad songs in terms of quality that make listeners feel "uncomfortable".

"GOOBA" - 6IX9INE: meaningless rap verses


6IX9INE with "GOOBA" is the top song in this "reverse" list, which is not difficult to understand. Pop Dust said that his rap in "GOOBA" deserved to be in the top of the worst and worst rap verses this year: "You're mad I'm back, big mad, He's mad, she's mad, big sad, haha, don't care, stay mad, ah-haha-ha-ha-ha, haha ​​b * tch, I'm laughin 'cause you big mad. "

Not only owning a lousy song, 6IX9INE also constantly "causes karma" everywhere when unjustly criticizing his successful colleagues and at a much higher level than him. Most recently, when the song "Stuck With U" by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber won # 1 Billboard Hot 100 while "GOOBA" only stopped at # 3, he posted that he was treated unfairly. 6IX9INE also "plagued" and said that Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber had spent money to buy this position, this action made the audience couldn't stop shaking their heads.

"Yummy" - Justin Bieber: cheesy too much


Justin Bieber has had the expected comeback with the album "Changes" because it's been 5 years since the male singer has just released his official album. However, what happened after that was a big disappointment when "Changes" received only 4.5 points without mercy from Pitchfork. The whole album has been criticized as "immature" so the opening song "Yummy" is even more unavoidable "public ax".

"Yummy" is considered by Pop Dust to be too cheesy, too childish, to show Justin Bieber's love for Hailey Baldwin in a cliché manner, the R&B music formula used in the song is also extremely predictable. Besides, the way that Justin Bieber promotes the product is also controversial, when he even publicly calls for international fans … to bypass the law to accrue achievements to the United States, helping "Yummy" climb to Billboard Hot 100 runner-up position.

"I Love My Country" - Florida Georgia Line: ungainly lyrics

With Florida Georgia Line's "I Love My Country", Pop Dust said that this song was a pretty bad American patriot song, especially when Americans were in need of spiritual gifts because of Covid- 19 this. Listening to the name sounds like an epic song about love for America, but after listening to the song, the audience … does not hold anything back.

"Monday to Sunday, yeah, I love my country … I love my country, and I love my country up loud.". Only that. Listening to words is really very … purely capital, not unlike listening to the weather forecast at all and of course, not making listeners love America a bit more …

"So Long" - Diplo: blatant "copy" "Old Town Road"

Acknowledging that Diplo had a "Old Town Road" remix that was too successful, it helped the song to record a record of 19 weeks in a row to reach the Billboard Hot 100.

"Genetics" - Meghan Trainor

From the beginning, the song created the feeling of a "tense" feminist song when Meghan Trainor invited The Pussycat Dolls to join in. The lyrics of "Genetics" are also quite cool - however, through Meghan Trainor's singing style, everything becomes "cheerful" and does not reflect the true spirit. Besides, Pop Dust also said that Meghan Trainor used the dance music beat too loudly, it all created a chaotic and very forgettable song!

It seems that Meghan Trainor since "All About That Bass" has not escaped the "one-hit wonder" label, even her career is getting worse and worse .. .