This Gen AI for CRM Boasts ‘Like Having 1,000 Employees’

This Gen AI for CRM Boasts ‘Like Having 1,000 Employees’

As generative AI rapidly penetrates industries, businesses must adapt or risk being left behind. The enterprise CRM platform from One AI assists organizations in amplifying lead conversion, enhancing customer engagement, and increasing revenue.

One AI’s generative AI approach helps CRM companies and their customers to add capabilities seamlessly and quickly, a characteristic not found in other developing solutions. This ability includes extracting topics and action items, follow-up reminders, summarizing conversations, and detecting customer sentiment and emotion. These features enhance the operational and analytical aspects of managing better CRM on an enterprise level.

“It’s like having an additional 1,000 relentless, diligent employees on your team, analyzing every customer interaction 24/7, at a fraction of the cost,” said Amit Ben, One AI’s co-founder and CEO.

This level of efficiency is what businesses need today to stay competitive. It is what customers will expect from any product or service in the near future, he added about the new product released in March.

AI capabilities can be tuned to meet specific customer needs and integrated into any existing CRM system in days. The solution will help organizations maximize lead conversion, enhance customer engagement, and increase revenue.

One AI’s Distinguishing Features

This generative AI-powered platform curates and tunes the computing industry’s top AI capabilities and delivers advanced AI solutions tailored to individual business needs.

To provide context, Ben elaborated that the platform helps enterprise firms deploy the best language AI as customizable skills. At the same time, One AI manages the development, fine-tuning, and infrastructure.


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Businesses can swiftly tailor this solution to their unique use cases, ensuring fast time-to-market and low total cost of ownership. These solutions actively accommodate multiple languages and mediums, delivering consistent and predictable output.

“We focus on preventing biased or harmful content and give our customers full control over their data and prioritize responsible AI,” Ben told CRM Buyer.

In addition to offering powerful and reliable generative AI capabilities, One AI seamlessly converts everyday language into structured, actionable data, facilitating straightforward integration into products and services.

Composable Key Criteria

Not all generative AI platforms are the same. Most solutions typically rely on large language models (LLMs).

However, One AI’s approach is distinct, emphasizing composable AI. Ben clarified that this method combines task-oriented AI models with LLMs, allowing for customization and ensuring explainability and consistent outputs.

For instance, to summarize a lengthy call, the platform creates a pipeline that includes transcription, proofreading, highlighting key points, and generating a summary.

The composable AI strategy blends flexible, explainable models with a large language model. This approach makes customization possible with explainability and predictable outputs based on specific data.

“It emphasizes transparency and scalability, thereby helping to minimize risks such as hallucinations and bias while providing quick, cost-effective outcomes,” noted Ben.

Being multilingual and supporting text, audio, and video inputs at a scale consistent with source documents bolsters trust and enhances business outcomes by emphasizing transparency and explainability.

Little or No Mods Needed

Customers can often use the AI language skills without any modifications. In other use cases, minimal tuning may be necessary.

For example, a construction company operating in a noisy environment may require feedback on operation-specific hazards. In such scenarios, One AI’s custom skill platform can fine-tune a language competency to align with the company’s unique business language and needs.

“We also offer the ability to create nuanced skills to meet specific needs,” added Ben. “The platform is built around a low-code/no-code structure that makes it business-friendly. Customers can easily build tailored pipelines that support their specific needs.”

Strengthening CRM Performance

The intended users of One AI’s CRM product are engineering teams rather than business leaders within an organization. This CRM is truly an enterprise platform, according to Ben.

It is the engineers who drive improvements in customer satisfaction and CX journeys. The goal is to bring better benefits in three areas:

1. Improving user satisfaction. Organizations can have a complete overview of each customer across the journey. It summarizes and extracts key information from every customer interaction to provide a more efficient and personalized experience.

This data helps identify trending issues, new competitors, and feature requests to stay ahead of the competition and exceed customer expectations.

2. Gaining insights. Advanced AI and natural language processing (NLP) identify entities, emotions, sentiments, and more in customer interactions. These understandings provide a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction.

Users can track important sales and marketing opportunities, quickly identify the next action to take, and increase their lead-to-deal conversion rate.

3. Saving time, improving data integrity, and automating. Automating routine and mundane tasks frees up time for more strategic activities, improving business efficiency and productivity.

Another goal is improving data integrity to ensure customer interactions are accurately captured and analyzed. Tagging tickets and knowledge-base articles can also enhance search capabilities, making it easy for users to find relevant information quickly.