Sign Up Now for the Public Preview of the Redesigned Google Home App

Sign Up Now for the Public Preview of the Redesigned Google Home App

You’ll need to request an invitation through the iOS or Android version of the app.

The popular Google Home app is getting even better. Anyone can now request an invitation to receive early access to the redesigned smart home control app. We’ll show you how and highlight some new improvements.

How to Request an Invitation to the Public Preview

To receive early access for the redesigned app, you’ll need to request an invitation using the Google Home app for iOS or Android.

In the app, select Settings. Scroll down to General and select Public Preview. Then choose Request Invite.

If accepted, the app will show a notification that it will soon update to the Public Preview version. Select Got it to finish the process. If you change your mind, hit Decline acceptance.

What to Expect in the Revamped Google Home App

When opening the app, you’ll see the new Favorites tab. That will allow you to customize a personalized live view of devices, actions, and automations. You can even favorite all Nest cameras to see a live view immediately after opening up the app.

Spaces group together important devices like cameras or thermostats into a single view.

There is also a new Nest camera experience for both wired and wireless cameras. The Nest camera controller makes it easy to find important moments and provide a detailed scrub. Machine learning of Nest cameras and doorbells will label and organize important events.

In the future, the app will support the Matter smart home standard. The protocol officially rolled out in October 2022 and is picking up steam with both smart home accessory manufacturers and tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google.

The new app will eventually Fast Pair for Matter. With that feature, an Android phone can automatically detect a matter device and help you quickly set it up.

Improving Just in Time for Matter

If you’re a user of the Google Home app, and willing to take a chance with a public preview, now is a great time to see some nice improvements rolling out to all users soon.

The redesigned app makes it even easier to control your Google-centric smart home.