22 K-Pop Stars With Different Interpretations Of This Year’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends!

22 K-Pop Stars With Different Interpretations Of This Year’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends!

Here are endless inspirations and different interpretations of this year’s Fall/Winter fashion trends!

It’s not even Christmas yet but we’re already dreaming of cozying up to today’s hottest K-pop stars! If you’re looking to spruce up your cold-weather wear, here are endless inspirations and different interpretations of this year’s Fall/Winter fashion trends!

Colorful knits: Sehun and Joshua

It’s time to bring out that cozy and comfy knitwear when you feel the cold breeze! The more colorful and unique, the better! Fashion director of Shopbop, Caroline McGuire, says, “Right now, I love how brands and designers are innovating the style through mixed media prints, uneven hems, and reimagined colorways. These updates make for layering pieces that are equal parts fashionable and functional.” SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and EXO’s Sehun were captured wearing the exact same Dior sweater styled with the same pink shirt!

We are seeing more K-pop stars that opt for knitwear that’s just a little more extra: from loud prints, de-constructed details, to eye-popping patterns: Kang Daniel, MAMAMOO’s Solar, SEVENTEEN’s DK, and f(x)’s Krystal.

Boho and Western-style oversized cardigans: Sunmi, Lisa, and Jimin

Slouchy, oversized, and drop-off-the-shoulder cardigans not only keep you warm, but they also add a touch of grandma chic. They’re a stylish and practical layering piece, and it has infinite styling possibilities. Sunmi styled her cardigan with a basic white collared shirt with jeans while Lisa kept hers cool and casual with a knit cropped top. And who can forget the iconic western-inspired outerwear that BTS wore during their “Idol” stage performance? Jimin particularly stood out with his bright red number.

Jogger Set: Dara and Rosé

If you’re the type who hates layering and prefer comfort over trends, this style is for you. A matching set of sweaters and jogging pants are all you need for that sporty, street look. It’s less maintenance and you can practically live in it! Dara and Rosé rocked the trend, giving off both feminine and active vibes.

Teddy bear jumper: Seulgi and Jennie

Teddy bears remind us of comfort and happy childhoods, and it looks utterly cute on garments too! Seulgi and Jennie gave a touch of hip and edginess to this style and we all know they have their own cute personalities too!

Vintage pullover and jeans combo: Hwasa and Sunmi

Sporty collared sweaters add playfulness to any look, especially when paired with jeans. Hwasa and Sunmi both rocked this style with their effortless chic vibe.

Autumn Color Tones: Dahyun

The season calls for colors that are reminiscent of falling leaves and the warm tones of fall foliage. TWICE’s Dahyun perfectly embodied the spirit of autumn with her brown, white, and neutral outfits made even more beautiful with her equally warm smile.

Unique Trench: Tiffany, Dara, HyunA, and Hyeri

Trench coats are always a classic style staple because they can be worn with any style. They’re both timeless and on-trend. Tiffany paired her trench coat with a slit sleeve detail with leather pants and without innerwear, while Dara styled hers with a layering of a plaid dress and white long sleeves, both stylish with different charms!

Seen wearing the same Burberry coat are HyunA and Hyeri, but who can blame them? The oversized coat is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe! HyunA paired hers with a pale tulle skirt and embellished Crocs, while Hyeri seemed to have worn Burberry from head-to-toe!

Cozy Couple Fashion: HyunA and DAWN

Nobody can beat HyunA and DAWN when it comes to couple dressing, not even themselves! Here they show us different ways to wear plaid and patterned outfits. Looks like they already have their holiday outfits all planned!

Padded Jacket: Jessica and Yerin

A padded jacket is one of the best pieces to have during winter because it’s a sure-fire way to keep you warm and toasty. Jessica cinched her waist with a black belt, while GFRIEND’s Yerin kept her look comfy and easy.

Furry Sliders: SinB and Rosé

We don’t exactly know if SinB and Rosé mistakenly stepped out wearing their house slippers, but it looks like a cool trend waiting to happen! These furry loafers look beyond comfy, and both of them carried the same style with sophisticated and feminine takes!

Which of these K-pop stars best rocked a Fall/Winter trend? Tell us in the comments below!


Top Female K-Pop Idols Have Beautiful Manga-Like Visuals

These ten female K-pop idols stand out with their out of this world visuals, with the beauty like manga characters. Keep on reading to see who made the list.

1. BLACKPINK's Jisoo

Jisoo is known as a classic Korean beauty. Some people say that her visual effects are easy to see in historical comics. The idol has the clean oriental beauty that the Korean public loves. Jisoo has large eyes, straight eyebrows, a high nose, plump lips, and clean skin.

2. TWICE's Nayeon

Nayeon's bunny-like visual effects gave her a young and lovely atmosphere. She can easily become the protagonist of the bubbles in the comics! Nayeon is the face of the group, with a small face, V-shaped chin, fair skin, and bright big eyes. Nayeon is a person who can become cute in one second and then sexy again, showing true versatility.

3. Apink's Chorong

Though Chorong is the oldest member of Apink, she definitely doesn't look like it! The almost 30-year-old idol still has an adorable and cute vibe to her that fans love. The idol has big eyes, a thin and high nose bridge, plump lips, and fair skin. She is often mentioned for her innocent beauty, so her visuals could easily be seen in a wholesome manga.

4. IZ*ONE's Kim Minju

Kim Minju was already being praised for her visuals even before her appearance on "Produce 48." She had earned herself a small fanbase when she appeared in Kriesha Chu's music video for "Trouble" and "Like Paradise." Her fame exploded following her appearance in the survival show, with people raising her pure visuals. The idol boasts doe-like eyes, full lips, a high nose bridge, and a small face. Wouldn't her visuals perfectly suit a highschool drama?

5. Lovelyz's Yein

Yein a chic and haughty beauty that fans love. Her visuals perfectly match a chic character in a manga that people can't help but love. The idol can appear mysterious when serious, but when she smiles, she shows off her bright energy. The idol has big and bright eyes, a slim nose bridge, and a small face. There is no visual like her, that's for sure!

6. Red Velvet's Wendy

Wendy has cute and charming visuals. The idol's visuals can easily be seen in a high-school manga, and her character can be the class president! The idol has big, doe-like eyes, a high nose bridge, a v-shaped jaw, fair skin, and full lips. Though fans have not seen Wendy in a while, they hope that she is doing well and that she will join Red Velvet in activities soon.

7. ITZY's Yuna

The visual of ITZY unsurprisingly also has manga-like visuals! The idol is such a beauty. It is not surprising to see her in a romance or comedy manga! The idol has big eyes, a small face with a v-shaped jaw, and full lips. She is only 16-years-old, but she is already 172cm tall, giving her model-like proportions. And she is still growing!

8. Oh My Girl's YooA

With her cute, doll-like visuals, YooA can easily be the angel in a mange thanks to her out of this world beauty! YooA is known for her plump lips, making her look both sexy and cute, depending on what she is going for. She is blessed with big eyes, a small face, and fair skin. She also has amazing proportions, which make her look taller than she is.

9. Girls' Generation's Yoona

Yoona gained fame for her beautiful, fresh, and innocent visuals. With her classic, girl-next-door look, Yoona could easily be the lead in a coming-of-age manga! The idol boasts big, doe-like eyes, full lips, fair skin, and a slim nose. Now that Yoona is active as an actress, maybe she can play a role from a webtoon one day?

10. APRIL's Naeun

Naeun has fairy-like visuals and is currently one of South Korea's "It Girls," thanks to her stunning beauty. Her visuals could easily suit a fantasy-themes manga! The idol has fair skin, big eyes, a v-shaped jaw, and a high nose bridge. The idol also has the ideal height for Korean women, standing at 167cm tall!