100% Real Situation K-reality Show! A New Unpredictable, Variety Awaits On 'The Door: Spin-off'

100% Real Situation K-reality Show! A New Unpredictable, Variety Awaits On 'The Door: Spin-off'

K-Pop idols always wow us when they hit their killing parts on stage! Whether it's cool choreography or insane singing (or a combination of both!), their incredible performances always go viral!

But what goes viral more than on-stage performances? Unscripted, caught-in-the-moment, candid moments! Though idols are typically known for their beauty, stage presence, and talent, only variety is able to capture their unique and often eccentric personalities!

Idolplus' newest reality show, 'The Door: Spin-off,' is on air now! This show is full of unpredictable content that allows K-Pop fans to get a look into some of the wackier and stranger chemistries between celebrities. With weird prompts, games, challenges, and more, fans can look forward to seeing the wild and 'strange' chemistry between Super Junior's Shindong, Kim Jong Min, Hanhae, BTOB's Eunkwang, Oh My Girl's Seunghee, as well as brand new cast member Choi Ye Na.

Join the cast as strange things occur on the show! In 'The Door: Spin-off,' Super Junior's Shindong transforms into Shin PD, leading the cast on chaotic 1 night, 2-day trips to build teamwork and character. Nothing says gut-wrenching laughter like our favorite celebrities in a room doing team-building exercises!

The show's newest cast member, Yena, made her debut in the first episode. Fans quickly have taken to her undeniable charm, particularly when the cast was playing famous Korean games like Dori Game and Hunch Game.

Fans from all around the world can tune in to enjoy some funny and light-hearted variety to close out the end of a stressful 2022 year. Can't speak Korean? No problem! 'The Door: Spin-off' is available with English, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese subs, so you can practice your Korean skills while you watch!

'The Door: Spin-Off' releases new episodes at 6 PM KST every Friday! Global fans can watch the series via Idolplus. Once you start, you won't get enough! But luckily, Idolplus also offers pre-release clips, trailers for new episodes, and behind-the-scenes footage for you to watch alongside the show's main episodes.

What is the IDOL PLUS?

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