Yoon Jisung Gushes About Working With AB6IX’s Daehwi On His New Album

Yoon Jisung Gushes About Working With AB6IX’s Daehwi On His New Album

The two former Wanna One members have the most precious friendship!

Yoon Jisung recently talked about his reunion with former Produce 101 contestants AB6IX’s Daehwi and former NU’EST member JR, and opened up about how heartwarming it was to meet them after so long!

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Yoon Jisung recently made his comeback with his third mini-album Maze and accompanying title track “Bloom”. In a recent interview for his comeback, he talked about his new album, his time in the military, and more!

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One of the songs on his album, “Summer Drive”, was composed and co-written by former Wanna One member Daehwi, and featured former NU’EST member JR as a rapper on the track. Yoon Jisung opened up about how lonely it can get as a soloist, and was grateful to them for the get-together!

Yoon Jisung and Daehwi

He also talked about how much the song means to him, as both he and Daehwi penned the lyrics with their memories with each other in mind!

Since Daehwi and I co-wrote the words to the song, it’s something that talks about the memories that we both carry. I wanted to recollect our memories and meld them in the music, so it would be fun for fans when they hear it. —Yoon Jisung

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They have such a cute friendship!

You can watch Yoon Jisung’s latest comeback song “Bloom” here!

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