Official From VIXX's Agency GROOVL1N Says Taeyeon And Ravi Is Dating

Official From VIXX's Agency GROOVL1N Says Taeyeon And Ravi Is Dating

A close friend of singer Ravi from VIXX acknowledged his romantic relationship with Taeyeon of Girls' Generation, confirming the dating rumor.

On December 27, while Taeyeon's agency SM Entertainment officially denied the article that reported Taeyeon and Ravi's romantic relationship, an official from Ravi's agency GROOVL1N confirmed that, "It is true that the two are meeting. Please refrain from false articles and speculations so that they can meet each other in a beautiful way."

Earlier, it was reported that Ravi and Taeyeon enjoyed a Christmas date at Ravi's house on December 25 as it was difficult to go out due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ravi came to Taeyeon's house in Seongsu-dong at around 10 AM KST on December 25. He took his girlfriend, Taeyeon, to his house in Seonneung, Gangnam. While on the move, the two showed fresh and sweet gestures, drawing attention. The scene of their date was captured on camera.

SNSD Taeyeon and VIXX Ravi enjoy a Christmas date.

The two have reportedly been growing their beautiful love for a year, after they met through an acquaintance in the winter of 2019. They confessed their feelings and started dating since then.

However, Taeyeon's agency SM Entertainment officially stated that, "Ravi and Taeyeon are only senior and junior who works together on a song, and the dating rumor is not true."

Fans on both sides are now confused as the two agencies' positions are completely different.