Top 7 Songs by 3rd Generation Groups are Considered Legendary

Top 7 Songs by 3rd Generation Groups are Considered Legendary

The K-Pop industry is full of bops and record-breaking songs. Whether you're a fan of a group or not, there are just some songs of theirs that you will automatically recognize.

With that being said, here are seven songs by third-generation groups that are considered legendary!

1. BTS - "Spring Day"

Known as "The Queen" by BTS' fans, ARMY, "Spring Day" was released back in February 2017. An alternative hip-hop, power ballad, and pop-rock song, the lyrics of "Spring Day" center around the theme of longing, loss, grief, and moving on. Ever since the song's release, "Spring Day" has never dropped from music charts in Korea, even becoming the longest-charting song on MelOn.

2. iKON - "Love Scenario"

"Love Scenario" was released back in January 2018. Although the song is different from iKON's prior releases, "Love Scenario" became one of the group's signature and representative songs. A mellow yet upbeat song, "Love Scenario" topped multiple charts and was selected as one of the best songs in K-Pop in 2018.

3. EXO - "Growl"

Just hearing the first two seconds of the song, you would instantly recognize it as EXO's "Growl"! Released back in August 2013, "Growl" is a dance-pop song featuring funk and contemporary R&B influences. The song won multiple Song of the Year awards, and it was even revealed that North Korean defectors secretly use the song as a way to confess their love to someone due to its lyrics.

4. TWICE - "TT"

Almost five years later, and "TT" is still a bop! Released back in October 2016, the song's title is a reference to emoji that expresses sadness or crying. "TT" became one of TWICE's best-performing songs and was even described by Billboard as the song that solidified TWICE's legacy as a decade-defining girl group. Also, it's probably one of TWICE's easiest dance moves to copy!


Released in June 2018, "DDU-DU DDU-DU" topped numerous charts worldwide and made it to various year-end lists for the best K-Pop songs. The song is described to be a fierce hip-hop song that is overflowing with charisma from all four BLACKPINK members and features a trap beat with bubblegum pop sounds. In addition, "DDU-DU DDU-DU" is also easily recognizable for its "gun dance" during the chorus.

6. WINNER - "Really Really"

Although WINNER was already pretty popular, "Really Really" cemented WINNER's popularity both domestic and international. Released back in April 2017, "Really Really" features a tropical house sound that is addicting to the ears. The song also led WINNER to being nominated in numerous award categories, such as Song of the Year.

7. Red Velvet - "Red Flavor"

One of the most addicting songs by Red Velvet that you just can't help but dance to is "Red Flavor," released back in July 2017. "Red Flavor" is a dance-pop song that features percussion and synth sounds and reflects a funky vibe meant for summer. Lyrically, the song is about a young relationship while making summer references. "Red Flavor" is definitely a song that represents Red Velvet.

Which K-Pop song do you think is legendary?