Top K-Pop Idols Chosen As Most Popular In China, According To Commercial Index

Top K-Pop Idols Chosen As Most Popular In China, According To Commercial Index

China's AiMan Commercial Index reveals the most popular K-pop idols and South Korean celebrities in China are. Let's go to the top 15 rankings below!

If you do not know, AiMan Commercial Index is China's most renowned celebrity commercial value analysis platform in the county. The index involves the account of an individual's fandom power, their total social media mentions, and the activities of their fan base, and how popular they are in the country...etc. Aiman Commercial Index updates their rankings weekly, most recently releasing the most popular idols in China index for the second week of December.

BTS's V ranked in first place with 41,423 points. V's most recent solo activity was in March 2020, when he released the song "Sweet Night" for the JTBC drama "Itaewon Class." The song was produced, written, and sung by V, and all three aspects were compliment by music critics. The song debuted at number 2 on the Billboard U.S. Digital Song Sales Chart, which is the highest a Korean soloist has ever reached to.

He is followed by NCT member Jaemin, with 25,557 votes. Jaemin debuted with NCT Dream in 2016 and is active as both an idol and singer. Most recently, Jaemin made his debut with NCT U, promoting with the sub-unit for "Make a Wish (Birthday Song)".

The third most popular is actor Kim Ki Duk with 21,389 votes, followed by ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo. Currently, Cha Eunwoo is starring as Lee Su Ho on the tvN drama "True Beauty", which is based on the webtoon of the same name.

Fifth place goes to another BTS member, Jimin with 15,133 points, followed by the group's golden maknae (younger member), Jungkook with 13,130 points. Most recently, BTS released their fifth studio album "Be" with the title track "Life Goes On". The song debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the first mostly Korean-language song to top the charts.

Song Mino from WINNER ranked sixth place with 13,101 points. He is the only WINNER member on the list. Back in Oct., Mino released his second self-produced solo album titled "Take" with the lead single "Run Away". The album also has the song "Love and a Boy", a song Mino himself wrote, composed, and arranged.

The first EXO member to make the list is Baekhyun at eighth place with 12,245 points. On Thursday, Dec. 17, it was confirmed that Baekhyun would be releasing a new digital single titled "Amusement Park". He also released songs for the soundtracks of "Record of Youth" and "Do You Like Brahms?"

Next is actor Lee Dong Wook with 11,824 points. He is followed by BIGBANG's G-Dragon with 11,824 points. Though G-Dragon was discharged from the military in 2019, he has yet to release a song. His most recent activity was signing on as the new face of a famous beverage brand in China called Nongpushan.

BLACKPINK's Jennie ranked in 11th place and is notably the one female celebrity on the list with 10,330 votes. BLACKPINK released their fifth studio album "THE ALBUM" in October of this year with the title track "Lovesick Girls". Jennie made her songwriting debut on the song, helping co-write her lyrics.

Twelveth place goes to the second and final EXO member on the list, Chanyeol, with 10,265 points. Chanyeol has been quiet ever since the rumors of him cheating on an alleged ex-girlfriend started going viral. Most recently, he was confirmed to join the cast for "Law of the Jungle", but his announcement as a cast member brought massive backlash from the Korean public.

After Chanyeol is actor Lee Min Ho in thirteenth place with 10,091. He is quickly followed by NCT and SuperM member Taeyong with 9,888 points. In September, SuperM released their first full-length album "Super One" for which Taeyong helped co-write the song "Together at Home". Later on, NCT's second large-scale project, which united all of their sub-units, was announced. Taeyong was announced as the overall leader of the group and promoted with NCT U for "Make a Wish (Birthday Song)."

Sitting at the fifteenth place is actor Hyun Bin.

Did your favorite idol make the list?

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