TIME Magazine Names The 5 Best K-Pop Songs And Albums Of 2022 So Far

TIME Magazine Names The 5 Best K-Pop Songs And Albums Of 2022 So Far

TIME has good taste!

Earlier today, TIME Magazine posted an article listing out the five best K-Pop songs and albums of 2022 so far, based on their opinion. Of course, their choices are entirely subjective, but the author of the article definitely seemed to do their research and made some great choices!

The choices were ranked in no particular order, and first on the list was “GingaMingaYo” by Billlie.

The song was released as the title track for the rookie group’s second EP, The Collective Soul and Unconscious: Chapter One, on February 23.

The electronic pop track fully embraces the weird and celebrates the unknown—gingaminga is the Korean expression for ‘not sure.’ Funky synths and Billlie’s animated chants propel the song, creating a whimsical number that piques a listener’s curiosity as much as it boosts their energy. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

Next up on the list was “MANIAC” by Stray Kids!

“MANIAC” served as the title track for Stray Kids’ most recent album, ODDINARY, which is their sixth EP and was released on March 18.

Stray Kids is no stranger to releasing rousing bangers, and the group turns the frenzied energy up a notch in “Maniac.” The trap and electropop track is about deviating from what society deems as prim and proper, and releasing one’s inner self without shame. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

The third song chosen for the top five is “Love Dive” by IVE.

The song is the lead track on what is only their second single album so far! The album, with the same name as the lead single, had two tracks total including “Royal”, and was released on April 5.

“Love Dive” is dreamy and ethereal, with airy ‘ooh’s’ and soft ‘la-la-la’s’ sung over a steady percussion. As IVE welcomes all to dive into the feeling of love, you can’t help but be submerged in their decadent voices. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

Next up on their list of choices is “Devil” by Changmin!

“Devil” was the lead single on TVXQ member Changmin’s second EP of the same name, released on January 13.

There’s no doubt that Max Changmin’s voice is the main attraction in “Devil,” a remake of Swedish artist Alex Runo’s 2021 song of the same name. This is clear from the opening that includes no instrumentals to distract from the TVXQ vocalist’s rich tone, and from the chorus that features his soaring melodies over a slithering bass line. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

And finally, their last song chosen is “FEARLESS” by LE SSERAFIM.

“FEARLESS” was the title track and one of five songs on the rookie girl group’s first EP, FEARLESS, which came out on May 2.

In this funk and alternative pop song, LE SSERAFIM is resolute to reach the top—‘Telling me to hide my desire, that’s weird / Acting like I’m humble, that’s done,’ Yunjin sings. Much of the track’s replay value comes from its addictive chorus, as the feisty line ‘what you lookin’ at’ is repeated over a slick bass riff. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

In order to give themselves fewer options to choose from, they did only include full-length albums, and these are the five they picked.

Once again, the albums were in no particular order, and their first listing was Glitch Mode by NCT DREAM!

This album was released on March 28 with a title track of the same name, and had 11 tracks overall. The re-released version of the album, Beatbox, was also just released on May 30.

Sonically, the hip hop-leaning (“Glitch Mode,” “Arcade”) tracks are just as arresting as the balladesque ones (“Teddy Bear,” “Never Goodbye”), a nod to the group’s formidable lineup of dynamic rappers and emotive singers. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

Next up is Dreamcatcher‘s most recent album, Apocalypse: Save Us.

This album is Dreamcatcher’s second full-length album, released on April 12 with the title song “MAISON”. Apocalypse: Save Us has 14 tracks total, including a solo song for each member.

In addition to featuring group recordings—among them, the retro synth pop “Starlight” is an obvious standout—the album presents a generous offering of solo tracks. From Yoohyeon’s gentle jazz number “For” to Dami’s hard-hitting pop punk song “Beauty Full,” these projects are grand exhibitions of the members’ individual artistry. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

The third album they chose was SEVENTEEN‘s recent release, Face the Sun!

Face the Sun is SEVENTEEN’s long-awaited fourth full-length studio album, released on May 27 with nine songs total, including the title track “HOT”.

Following last year’s exhilarating single “Rock With You,” SEVENTEEN leans further into rock with tracks like “Don Quixote,” “March,” and “Shadow.” These songs pull from elements of other genres, too, but share propulsive beats and an explosive energy that signal the scorching trail SEVENTEEN is bound to leave behind. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

Next up is Taeyeon‘s recent solo album, INVU.

This album was the female soloist’s third full-length album, released on February 14 with a title track of the same name and 13 tracks overall.

INVU ends on a hopeful note, as Taeyeon declares, ‘I loved you with all my heart / Forget about the past / I’ll leave now / to find my story again.’ Whether her voice is flowing softly over synth notes in “INVU” or soaring effortlessly over piano keys in “Some Nights,” the seasoned artist’s delivery makes each of the 11 tracks more piercing. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

And finally, their last choice for best K-Pop album is PSY‘s long-awaited album, PSY 9th!

This studio album was released on April 29, and among the 12 songs on the album is the title track “That That” featuring BTS‘s Suga, with several other familiar names like Tablo, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, Heize, Jessi, and Crush also making appearances.

PSY 9th, PSY’s first release in five years, features a particularly impressive guest-artist lineup. There are appearances from, for example, Epik High’s Tablo, Jessi, Crush, and of course, BTS’ Suga—who not only features on the snazzy lead single “That That” but co-produced it. This Latin-infused track is bold and unapologetic. PSY pompously announces his long-awaited return in the song’s first moments—‘Long time no see, huh? It’s been a minute, huh?’—and Suga spits out a verse about his undeniable success. — Kat Moon (TIME Magazine)

We think it would be impossible to pick just five K-Pop songs and albums as the best of 2022 so far, but TIME Magazine definitely made some great choices!

Source: Koreaboo