These Are BLACKPINK Lisa’s Latest Fashion Obsessions

These Are BLACKPINK Lisa’s Latest Fashion Obsessions

Lisa has great taste!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is 100% a fashion icon, and she just revealed her latest fashion obsessions!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

During an interview with Elle Korea, Lisa offered a few insights into her current style. She said her favorite color is green, especially shades that look like matcha and green tea. She said, “I’ve bought green clothes, bags, and a wallet in green, too.”


If you look at Lisa’s Instagram, you can totally see evidence of her love for green.

Although Lisa admitted she’s currently obsessed with green, it’s not her only new fashion obsession. She said she loves wearing cool outfits, so she goes vintage shopping often. Her favorite items to buy are leather jackets and men’s clothing.

Lisa’s got great taste, so we’ll definitely be incorporating her new fashion favorites into our own wardrobes!

Watch Lisa’s full interview below.

Source: Koreaboo