These 8 K-Pop Idols Give off Rich Chaebol Heir Vibes

These 8 K-Pop Idols Give off Rich Chaebol Heir Vibes

The rich aura!

K-pop idols often change their image to suit their concepts. One of the most popular concepts is the regal, luxurious aura. Here are K-pop idols who could pass off as the heir of chaebol family.

1. ITZY Yeji


(Photo : Black Pearl on Twitter)

With Yeji's feline-like visuals, the ITZY member is usually chic and charismatic. However, she is also capable of being fancy and elegant. Thanks to her haughty appearance, she exudes the aura of an upper-class family's daughter. She would definitely fit right in an affluent family in a K-drama!

2. BTS V


(Photo : 빅히트 뮤직 Verified Naver Profile)

BTS member V is famous for his charisma and regal face. Every part of his visuals is something to be admired. People stated that the idol looks an heir straight out of the comics. So it is no surprise that the idol was named "The World's Most Handsome Man" by TC Candler in 2016!



(Photo : ONE MORE CARROT on Twitter)

BLACKPINK member Jisoo is known as the epitome of Korean beauty, and people love it! The "Snowdrop" starlet is known for her actress-level visuals. Out of all of the concepts Jisoo has tried, both in BLACKPINK and during solo activities, the luxurious image is the one people love the most. She looks like an aristocrat!

4. TWICE Mina


(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

Famous for her elegant aura, TWICE member Mina has repeatedly captured the hearts of fans thanks to her chic image. People believe that Mina has visuals that are reminiscent of a "President's daughter." As Mina came from a wealthy family, it is no surprise she is naturally elegant and charming.

5. EXO Sehun


(Photo : AIOLOS Twitter)

EXO member Sehun is one of the famous male idols with an aristocratic aura. Sehun is known for his calm and cold appearance, but fans know that Sehun is actually the group's adorable maknae. Regardless, his masculine energy definitely makes him stand out.

6. Red Velvet Irene


(Photo : Golden Slumber Instagram)

The leader of Red Velvet, Irene, is known for her "Ice Queen" image in K-pop. Combined with her formal yet simple outfits, Irene's heiress vibes are even more explosive! People believe that Irene could definitely play the role of a wealthy socialite if she were to stand in a K-drama. Her beautiful and outstanding charisma always leaves the spotlight on her!

7. NCT Jaehyun


(Photo : Jaehyun Instagram)

NCT member Jaehyun possesses both masculine and elegant beauty. Every time he wears a suit, NCTzens cannot help but scream over his top-notch visuals. His charisma is at the perfect level, and fans believe he can play the role of a rich CEO or a young wealthy socialite in a K-drama.

8. GFRIEND Sowon


(Photo : CodeNameSowon Twitter)

GFRIEND member Sowon is famous for her elegant and luxurious aura. People believe that she has several photos where she looks like the daughter of a tycoon giant. Her long legs, sleek beauty, and leadership make her look like a sophisticated young lady!

Source: kpopstarz