These 10 Female Idols are Known for Their Small Faces

These 10 Female Idols are Known for Their Small Faces

In South Korea, having a small face is considered a sign of immense beauty.

Here are ten female idols who are blessed with tiny faces.

1. aespa Karina


(Photo : aespa Twitter)

Karina's face is so tiny; her members have given her the nickname "Mechuri," which translated to quail egg! Since her face is as tiny as a quail egg, it only makes sense why she was given such an adorable pet name.

2. Girls' Generation Taeyeon


(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

Among the Girls' Generation members, Taeyeon is the one with the smallest face. Not only does she have a small face, but she also has a charming one! Her feline-like visuals can be both alluring and cute, which helps her tackle different genres.



(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

Lisa is known for her Barbie doll visuals, and one of her best assets is her small face! Many have even wondered how the idol can fit her eyes, nose, and lips on such a tiny face. Some have even joked that her eyes take up 1/4 of her face already!

4. MAMAMOO Moonbyul


(Photo : Moonbyul Instagram)

Moonbyul is another popular idol known for her small face. Additionally, her visuals have received attention for resembling BTOB member Minhyuk and EXO member Xiumin.

5. IZ*ONE Kim Minju


(Photo : Minju Instagram)

When she was first introduced to the public, Kim Minju garnered positive attention for her small face. That alongside her big, doe-like eyes and sharp nose only accentuated her beauty, and she is now one of the most well-loved figures in South Korea.

6. Oh My Girl Binnie


(Photo : Binnie Instagram)

Previously, Oh My Girl member Binnie shocked fans with how small her face was after she was seen wearing Airpods at the airport. Due to her tiny face, the Airpods looked massive in her ears, and some even wondered ifs he was wearing fake versions of the product!

7. (G)I-DLE Soyeon


(Photo : Soyeon Instagram)

Another female known among Korean netizens for having a small face is (G)I-DLE's leader Soyeon! Known for her sharp and chic visuals, the idol is blessed with a small face a v-shaped jaw that makes her look pretty and slim!

8. Lovelyz Yein


(Photo : Yein Instagram)

Yein is another female idol known among South Korean locals for her small face. Before her debut, Yein worked as a fitting model, proving that her visuals were top-tier even before her idol career!

9. ITZY Yuna


(Photo : Yuna Instagram)

ITZY's maknae Yuna has shocked fans numerous times due to how small her face is. Photos of her in a face mask show that the fabric covers more than half of her face, showing off how tiny it is! Her small face allows her doe-like eyes to stand out, and her high nose bridge perfectly shows off how small her face truly is.

10. GFRIEND Eunha


(Photo : Eunha Instagram)

Last but not least, we have GFRIEND member Eunha! Not only does the idol have a small face, but her small and delicate features make her look adorable and hamster-like. The idol has small lips, a small nose, and pretty eyes that make her look pure and innocent.