The 2 Albums That K-Pop Fans Unanimously Agree Are Timeless Masterpieces

The 2 Albums That K-Pop Fans Unanimously Agree Are Timeless Masterpieces

These are undoubtedly legendary albums.

While a person’s taste in music is, of course, subjective to each individual, there are some K-Pop albums that are just so perfect that no one can deny that they’re masterpieces.

Some iconic K-Pop albums from over the years

Having a killer title track and a couple good B-sides is one thing, but it’s less common to find a K-Pop album that is considered a no-skip by the majority of fans.

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Recently, a post was shared on an online Korean forum titled “The top 2 masterpiece albums that can get unanimously acknowledged”, in which the author shared which two albums they believe anyone would consider legendary.

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The first of the two albums mentioned in the post are f(x)‘s Pink Tape album, released in 2013. The title track of the album is “Rum Pum Pum Pum”, with 12 tracks total and featuring B-sides like “Shadow”, “Goodbye Summer”, and “No More”.

Pink Tape album cover

The second is Odd, released by SHINee in 2015. The title track of this album is “View”, with 11 tracks total including the B-sides “Odd Eye”, “Love Sick”, and “Trigger”.

Both albums were well-received by the public as well as by critics, and despite being released nine and seven years ago respectively, they’ve stood the test of time and remain iconic in fans’ minds.

This is further proven by comments by Korean netizens on the post agreeing with the author’s choices.

  • “Agree, you can add more, but you can’t remove them”
  • “Personally I agree… Ha I feel faint”
  • “Ha for real those were straight up the 2 albums I thought of”
  • “I’m proud about getting my predictions right”
  • “I still listen to both albums, they were seriously too good”

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Several international fans also share similar sentiments that the two above albums are nothing short of legendary!

  • “Pink Tape was REVOLUTIONARY. It was one of the first kpop gg albums to be genuinely acknowledged, liked, and reviewed abroad. A masterpiece. The songs came out in 2013 and they still hit today she was a legend.”
  • “Totally agree! Pink tape is a masterpiece”
  • “Jonghyun has a streak of musical genius that remains unrivaled to me. His art is exquisite and his songwriting skills are top tier. View has been in my top 10 on Spotify for years bc it fills me with so much infectious joy. I’ve also listened to BASE so much I could identify Love Belt from a single note. ODD is the album which I think is SM using all their talents to the best of their ability.”
  • “Agreed! Both were absolute masterpieces”
  • “I just knew that Odd would be on here and they are 100% correct! Add Reboot by Wonder Girls and we’re good.”

Do you agree with the two albums considered masterpieces to this day?

Source: Koreaboo