MONSTA X Reveals Comeback Date of Mini-Album 'NO LIMIT'

MONSTA X Reveals Comeback Date of Mini-Album 'NO LIMIT'

MONSTA X confirms their comeback in November!

On October 25, MONSTA X started the countdown for their comeback by releasing a coming soon poster of their upcoming mini-album, "NO LIMIT," through their official SNS channel.

The released image features a huge iron structure which is shown in darkness.


(Photo : Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX)


Along with the poster is the release date of "NO LIMIT," November 19, Friday at 2 PM (KST) and 12 MN (EST).

MONSTA X Raises Fans' Expectations with Album 'NO LIMIT'

This has raised the excitement of fans from all over the world. This is MONSTA X's comeback after five months since the last release of their 9TH mini-album titled "One of A Kind" last June.

They are also preparing to fill the music industry during the second half of the year with a first-rate album.


(Photo : Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX)


In the past, MONSTA X broke its own best Initial Chodong record with the album "One of A Kind," and it also entered the top of the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart and also the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards. They are also making steady career achievements like being nominated for Best K-Pop group, which was posted on the website.

MONSTA X Jooheon has taken charge of producing the group's first title song since their debut song, "GAMBLER."

Hyungwon and I.M., on the other hand, recorded their songs and also showcased their talents in producing songs.

MONSTA X to Perform to the iHeartRadio 'Jingle Ball' Tour

Last October 2, MONSTA X announced that they would be having an appearance in the "Jingle Ball Tour," it is the largest year-end concert held annually by iHeartRadio, a famous local radio station.

The schedule says that MONSTA X will be featured at four stops at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour.

MONSTA X is scheduled to perform in Philadelphia on December 13, Washington DC on December 14, Atlanta on December 16 and finally, Miami on December 19.

MONSTA X releases new song 'One Day' worldwide... global move

(Photo : MONSTA X Twitter)


It is also worth remembering that only five MONSTA X members will be performing at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour because Shownu enlisted in the military last July.

MONSTA X Receives Love from MONBEBEs Worldwide, Dedicates Comeback Album 'NO LIMIT' to Fans

"NO LIMIT" is a song with feelings towards Monbebe (MONSTA X's official fan club name) before the participation of MONSTA X in the tour of "Jingle Ball." The "Jingle Ball" is the biggest year-end show of the US radio station iHeartRadio, which will be held in December.

Now expectations are rising that everyone will finally be able to witness MONBEBE's love more than ever and the image of MONSTA X.

MONSTA X to appear on US MTV 'Fresh Out Live' on the 11th... 'One Day' stage debut

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MONSTA X's upcoming mini-album "NO LIMIT," which will unveil the comeback contents consecutively through its official SNS channel, will be released on November 19 at 2 PM (KST) and 12 MN (EST) in the United States through different music sites online.

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