Korean Media Outlet Selects K-Pop Idols Who are Petite with Amazing Proportions

Korean Media Outlet Selects K-Pop Idols Who are Petite with Amazing Proportions

South Korean media outlet Hankook Illbo selected female K-pop idols with petite statures that have excellent proportions.

Want to know who they chose? Then keep on reading!

TWICE Chaeyoung, Oh My Girl Arin, and More: Korean Media Outlets Select the K-Pop Idols Who are Petite With Amazing Proportions

(Photo : TWICE Instagram | YooA Instagram)

Korean Media Outlet Select K-Pop Idols Who are Petite with Amazing Proportions

On Friday, Jun. 18, Hankook Ilbo selected the petite female K-pop idols who are "proportion geniuses." This means that despite their short statures, their petite makes them look taller than they actually are.

Once you know the actual height of these idols, you will be surprised!

With extraordinary body proportions that make them stand out moment, many petite celebrities rock cropped tops, shorts, and colorful clothing.

The first idol mentioned is the former S.E.S. member Eugene, who stands at 160cm. The idol-turned-actress is fond of monochromatic looks that make her look taller than she actually is. With her sweet and simple styling, Eugene shows off both her fantastic proportions are her fashionista side.

You would never be able to tell that Eugene is less than 160cm tall from just looking at her photos!


(Photo : Eugene Instagram)

The second idol mentioned is Oh My Girl's fairy YooA!

Previously, on Instagram, she released a set of photos with the caption, "Who said I am 159cm tall?! I am 159.2cm!"

Boasting her short height, YooA is fond of cropped t-shirts. She often wears bright colors and body-hugging clothes that make her look taller and make her look slim by highlighting her unique body proportions.


(Photo : YooA Instagram)

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Soloist Ben has earned the nickname "Little Giant" in the K-pop industry, thanks to her small stature and her unique singing ability.

Ben is fond of pants with wide legs and is usually seen tucking in her shirt into her pants, which makes her legs look longer. She is also fond of skirts and shorts, which all highlight her legs.


(Photo : Ben Instagram)

Girl group member Chaeyoung of TWICE is known as one of the shortest female idols in the industry, standing at 158cm tall. Though she is short, Chaeyoung has found ways to show off her impressive proportions.

As the girl's promoted "I CAN'T STOP ME," Chaeyoung was often seen wearing vertical stripes, which helped make her look taller!


(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

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The final singer mentioned by Hankook Ilbo is trot singer Song Ga In!

During an appearance on a South Korean variety show, Song Ga In revealed she is 153cm tall. However, you could never tell!

The trot singer is fond of suits that snatch her waist and make her legs appear longer. She is also fond of black, which compliments her proportions.

Song Ga In

(Photo : Song Ga In Instagram)

Know any other female idols that should have been included in the list?