Korean Fans Name The Moment That BTS’s Jungkook Looked The “Prettiest” In His 10 Years As A Singer

Korean Fans Name The Moment That BTS’s Jungkook Looked The “Prettiest” In His 10 Years As A Singer

He looks amazing all the time, of course!

BTS‘s Jungkook has been in the industry for close to 10 years. Having debuted in 2013, 2022 marks the group’s 10th anniversary. The fans have practically watched Jungkook grow up, from a young teen to an incredible adult. Through the ten years, he’s showcased a variety of looks.

From a cute teen…

Jungkook during his schooling days, | @Stigmarain/Twitter

…to an adorable adult…

Jungkook during their recent American tour. | @Jeonsost/Twitter

…to a hot rebel…

…and, of course, a sexy man.

But according to Korean ARMY, there’s one moment when he was at the peak of pretty. Of course, Jungkook looks fantastic all the time. By “pretty,” fans are referring to the moment when he looked like the very essence of a flower boy! Known for his edgy style and casual, artsy sensibilities, Jungkook rarely looks like a flower boy. The moment came on October 11, 2019, during BTS’s concert in Saudi Arabia.

He looked angelic in white.

We think that his mid-length locks played a role in the look.

Of course, his clear skin and sparkly eyes made him look ultra pretty.

Look at that little hair tuck!

We have to agree with K-ARMY on this one.

While fans know that Jungkook is handsome all the time, this moment does stand out as legendary.

K-ARMY reactions to the claim. | theqoo
  • “Our Jungkookie is so pretty. I love you, maknae.”
  • “Those in the long-haired Jungkook party will revive after seeing this post!! We want to see his bobbed hair and his Kkongji (a YouTuber famous for her bobbed hair) hair!!”
  • “Saudi Jungkook is so pretty, isn’t he?”
  • “Our tough puppy that’s prettier than a woman.”
  • “Baby.”
  • “Jungkookie looks like a character in a comic. He said he would have long hair again, so I’m waiting for that.”
  • “There wasn’t a moment he wasn’t pretty. Our Jungkook is pretty every moment, every hour.”
  • “I knew he was handsome-pretty, but he looked especially innocent and mysterious then.”
  • “It’s so pretty, though? I spaced out while looking.”

We relate to how they feel! While Jungkook has since trimmed his long locks, we can’t wait to see him rock the long hair again.

Source: Koreaboo