HyunA Surprises Fans With A New Tattoo On Her Back

HyunA Surprises Fans With A New Tattoo On Her Back

HyunA is garnering attention with her latest social media update.

On January 30, the singer posted a photo on her Instagram showing her new tattoo. In the post, she wrote to her fans, "Should I color it in or not?"

HyunA showed off her "ignorant style" tattoo drawn in a doodle-like way. She wrote the words "DDASA" (meaning "warm") and "KEEM" (which is her last name) in a fun manner.

On this day, she also posted other photos giving an update on her day.

Many fans gave their two cents on HyunA's new tattoo by replying to her question about whether to fill in the design with color or not. Fans wrote, "Maybe you should enjoy that simple, clean style a little bit more and then fill it in later. Because once you fill it in, you can't go back," "I feel like yes but then no because the words might not stick out as much," and "I say don't color it because it's pretty when it looks transparent like that!"

Meanwhile, HyunA dated Dawn and kept their relationship public for six years. However, they surprised many fans by announcing their break up back in November. Despite their breakup, HyunA and Dawn continue to show their support for each other through social media.

Source: Allkpop