[HOT] iKON Bobby and His Fiancée Welcome Their First Child

[HOT] iKON Bobby and His Fiancée Welcome Their First Child

Bobby and his fiancée have officially become parents as they welcome the birth of their first child today!

iKON Bobby
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iKON Bobby and His Fiancée Welcome Their First Child

According to an exclusive report by SPOTV News on September 27 KST, iKON's main rapper, Bobby, has recently become a father after his fiancée went into labor and happily welcomed the birth of their first child today. However, the report states that the gender of their child was not revealed.

Back on August 20, Bobby surprised fans by announcing through a handwritten letter on his official social media that he is getting married to a person that he loves, and that they were expecting their baby in September.

iKON Bobby

(Photo : Instagram: @bobbyindaeyo)
iKON Bobby's handwritten letter

Bobby said in his letter that he had been thinking about how he would announce his marriage, and also apologized to fans for the sudden news.

"I would like to apologize with all my heart to those who have been shocked and greatly confused by my news. To my iKON members, parents, and fans, and the people who have made me the person that I am today and made me the person the world needs despite being lacking, I will work to become a person who will not bring shame to all of you, and someone who will make you proud," said Bobby in his letter.

Meanwhile, fans have poured out their heartfelt congratulations for the happy couple, and have showed their utmost support for the "Love Scenario" singer.

Congratulations to Bobby and his fiancée!

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