fromis_9 Saerom Under Fire For Her Comment As The Group's 'V Live' Had Begun Without Her Knowing

fromis_9 Saerom Under Fire For Her Comment As The Group's 'V Live' Had Begun Without Her Knowing

A comment made by fromis_9's leader Saerom, made at the very beginning of a 'V Live' broadcast, has aroused criticism from netizens online. 

Back on February 11, fromis_9 members Jiheon, Nakyung, Saerom, Hayoung, and Jisun greeted fans with a casual 'V Live' broadcast.

However, the broadcast went live a few moments before the members realized that the cameras had begun rolling.

While Jisun could be seen laughing about something, Saerom commented over the laughter, "I'm so sick of this. I wanna hurry up and go home, right now."

However, a few of the other members quickly realized that the live broadcast had begun, and said, "Hello~". Hayoung then leaned into Saerom to tell her that they were live, and a few more quiet moments passed before Saerom counted, "two, three" so all of the members could greet the fans together.

Despite the fact that the comment was made when she was not aware that the live broadcast had begun, Saerom's remarks nonetheless did not go unnoticed by netizens, as they commented,

"If you don't want to be an idol, then just quit. Easy as that."

"If I were in an idol group and my group wasn't famous even after 5-years like them, I would be pissed too lol."

"If you don't want to do 'V Live's than go practice your vocals seriously... you can't even sing."

"They're such nobodies that this happened almost a day ago and it's still not causing that much of an issue."

"Is she saying that right in front of her company staff? And there were others laughing with her before she said that, so were they saying something related to that comment?"

"This isn't even surprising honestly. These girls always look like they're pissed."
"Nice knowing you, bye."

"You can't call this just a simple mistake because that is what she really feels, and her true feelings came out kekekekeke."

"If she said 'I'm tired', that would have been like, she had a rough day. But 'I'm sick of this'? She must really hate her life kekekekeke."

"So fromis_9 is disbanding after this huh? HYBE gave them one last album before a permanent vacation kekekekeke."

Source: Allkpop