Fans Are Concerned About The Content Heechul Shares On Bubble

Fans Are Concerned About The Content Heechul Shares On Bubble

Super Junior's Heechul has often found himself embroiled in various controversies because of his outspoken personality and honesty. At times, Heechul was applauded for his candid thoughts and blunt honesty, but it has gotten the idol into trouble.

Recently, Heechul was under fire for swearing about sensitive topics during a live stream. He eventually apologized for his vulgar speech but was met with further criticism for being a hypocrite.

Many of Heechul's fans have been concerned about the idol's tendency to be unreserved about his thoughts. In fact, fans have been warning Heechul about the things he shares even on the fan communication app Bubble.

One netizen shared some of the things Heechul will be talking about on the Bubble app and expressed their concerns.

In one instance, Heechul shared with his fans that he had gone to a nightclub that he frequently visited when he was younger.

He wrote, "Yes! I wasn't rejected. They're playing 'Mister Simple...They must've recognized me!" He continued to share a photo of himself in front of the nightclub and wrote, "The 'Hankook Kwan' from memory lane. I'm so happy today!! There is an idol that is promoting the nightclub that he used to go to when he was younger?!"

In the string of messages, he continued to use profanity when fans began telling him they feel uncomfortable that he is promoting nightclubs on Bubble. He shared a message from a fan who said, "You're free to go to nightclubs, but do you need to share this with your fans?" and Heechul replied, "Who cares~ my fans all go to nightclubs and drink...there are fans who are like that! And it's not illegal to go." He continued, "If you are uncomfortable with me sibal (f**king) drinking and stuff, then just don't do Bubble."

Heechul would often spell out Korean curse words in English, which made international fans wonder what these words meant.

Fans even inquired to the company, asking them to tell Heechul not to use profanity in the Bubble chat. They wrote, "I understand that the agency doesn't manage Heechul's (Bubble). His drinking photos or his other private life videos were taken down, but I think without this, the app would be perfect. Please tell him to stop cursing. Super Junior has a lot of international fans, and there are a lot of fans who are under the age of 14. Especially, there are elementary school students who are subscribed to him, and I feel he is teaching them bad things."

Another fan wrote, "Please stop Heechul from using profanity on Bubble!! He keeps using words like 'Sibal' etc, so even international fans are writing 'Sibal' in their replies, and Heechul would laugh at that. What's he doing? Heechul should be reprimanding them and telling them not to use those type of words..."

Korean netizens are criticizing Heechul for his immature and inappropriate actions. They commented, "Why is he still acting like he's a teenager?," "I can't believe he's giving a live feed of him going to the nightclub on Bubble," "Wow, is he still in high school?" "This is so bad," "Omg, he really doesn't know where to stop," "I feel bad for the fans," "I'm so shocked how he just curses like that on Bubble," "I think him going to the nightclub is too much information," "Why is he cursing on Bubble," and "He really is thoughtless."

Source: Allkpop