Exciting DC Reveals 8 K-pop Male Idols with Best Vocals and Distinct Tone

Exciting DC Reveals 8 K-pop Male Idols with Best Vocals and Distinct Tone

Among numerous male idols who are great vocalists, which idol do you think has the best voice and recognizable vocal tone? In the rankings revealed by Exciting DC, EXO D.O., BTS Jungkook, and more topped the list!

For the last week of July, TVXQ Yunho topped Exciting DC's latest survey with the theme: "Who's the best male idol with a great vocal and distinct tone?"

In particular, Exciting DC is a polling platform launched under the popular community portal site, DC Inside, which collaborated with preference research company, MyCelebs.

The poll ran from July 25 to July 31, gaining a total of 48,093 votes from K-pop fans and Korean internet users.

Exciting DC Names TVXQ Yunho as Best Male Idol Vocalist with Distinct Vocal Tone

Exciting DC Reveals Rankings for 8 K-pop Male Idols with Best Vocals and Distinct Tone

(Photo : TVXQ Yunho Instagram)

TVXQ Yunho topped the list with 48.41 percent (23,283 votes). The K-pop icon, who is also known as U-Know, is linked to keywords "full of passion," "do not lose his original intention," "honest," and "does everything."

Indeed, Yunho proved his position as an all-rounder idol after being chosen as the best male vocalist, despite being the main dancer and main rapper in the duo.

As a solo artist, he also gained positive attention for his unique charisma and concept.

On the other hand, following his controversy of violating regulated curfew in March, Yunho marked his first official activity with TVXQ Changmin on July 30.

The duo appeared in the web show, "Check this out," where they created a new children's book with four kids.

Henry, EXO D.O., BTS Jungkook & More: Which K-pop Idol Have the Best Vocals and Distinct Tone?

Aside from TVXQ Yunho, seven other male idols trailed behind him, including EXO D.O.

The "Rose" singer who was recently impressed with his film-like album, "Empathy," ranked second place with 38.12 percent or 18,335 votes.

In his album, the soloist proved he is a versatile singer after showcasing various genres, without giving up his voice's youthful and warm quality, which always gives comfort to listeners. A Korean reporter also mentioned how D.O.'s voice is "as handsome as his face."

The "Music Genius" Henry then followed at third place, capturing 3,463 votes.

Next is BTS Jungkook, who gained 4.55 percent of the votes. Being the main vocalist, his voice stands out the most for its soft, light yet bright timbre.

Though the "Euphoria" singer doesn't always sing high notes, his vocal's natural softness and mellow tone are truly considered as one of the best – the kind of voice you can listen to all day.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel followed Jungkook at No. 5, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan at No. 6, NCT Haechan at No. 7, and THE BOYZ New at No. 8.

Source: kpopstarz