Check Out The Top 10 Best Live Rappers In K-Pop

Check Out The Top 10 Best Live Rappers In K-Pop

Vocalists, rappers, dancers: K-Pop groups are usually divided into members who hold these positions.

While there are of course, more positions like songwriters, producers, visuals and so on and so forth, on a broad level, the three most prominent categories are vocalists, rappers and dancers.

Each position is equally as important in a K-Pop group as the other, not only in the studio but also live on stage. Here are our picks for the top 10 best live rappers in the K-Pop industry who can tear the stage up with their talent. These artists will be ranked in no particular order and we will not be including K-Hip Hop rappers in this list. It is also important to note that this is not a list of the fastest rapper in K-Pop but rather the ones that have the best live performances.

1. CL

There's a reason why CL is known as the undisputed queen of K-Pop. Nothing compares to a CL performance, regardless of whether she's singing or rapping. Her live rapping skills are simply unbelievable.

2. ASTRO's Rocky

Rocky's speed, diction, delivery, everything is en pointe, especially on stage where he has the freedom of performance without any restraints. He's a born performer!

3. BTS's RM

The entire BTS rapline is a collective ace in K-Pop. However, RM's stage presence is admittedly one of the best. He has the aura of a leader and the attitude to go along with it, which translates into his performances.

4. CLC's YeEun

YeEun's vocal tone is pitch-perfect and her stable voice is a boon for her live rap stages. What is special is that she makes every single performance different in her own way. You'll never get the same thing from YeEun because it keeps getting better.

5. (G)I-DLE's SoYeon

SoYeon has long proven herself as one of the best rappers in the industry, live or otherwise. Simply matching her energy is a feat in and of itself.

6. ATEEZ's HongJoong

ATEEZ is without a doubt, the representative boy group of the 4th generation of K-Pop. Therefore, it isn't surprising that leading the same is one of the best live rappers in the industry HongJoong.

7. MAMAMOO's MoonByul

MoonByul is a rockstar and she knows it. Regardless of mood, whether that be a bright and peppy one or a dark and sultry one, MoonByul knows how to command the stage and her audience with ease.

8. iKON's Bobby

Bobby is as good as it gets, especially when it comes to live rapping. It is no secret that Bobby's strength lies in his performance and once he has the stage to himself, he dominates.

9. Weki Meki's YooJung

One of the most underappreciated rappers in K-Pop has to be Weki Meki's YooJung. However, she's so incredibly talented that it is hard to find anything that she's not absolutely the best at. When it comes to rapping, not only does she write her own lyrics, her performances never miss.

10. MONSTA X's JooHoney

Finally, the rapper that every other rapper takes lessons from, JooHoney is the master of rapping live on stage. If there's anyone who can set fire to the stage simply with their voice, JooHoney would be the one.



This list could never be complete without what is perhaps the most powerful rap duo in the history of K-Pop: G-Dragon and T.O.P. BIGBANG's subunit GD & TOP has some of the most iconic stage performances ever and we can't wait for a comeback.

Who else would you add to this list?