BTS RM, Jin and J-Hope Sell 10 Billion Won Worth of Their HYBE Stocks

BTS RM, Jin and J-Hope Sell 10 Billion Won Worth of Their HYBE Stocks

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BTS members RM, Jin, and J-Hope sold some of the shares they own at HYBE, gaining them at least 10 billion won in profit.

Bang Si Hyuk Gifts Each BTS Member HYBE's Stocks

Back in 2020, HYBE founder and chairman Bang Si Hyuk gave BTS a total of 470,695 shares of the company when the HYBE went public in the market, with the shares being divided equally among the seven BTS members, who were each given 68,385 shares of HYBE's stock.


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For the past 10 months, the cumulative stock value of all the members had increased to more than 201 billion won (around $170.8 million USD).

There was also a time back in October when HYBE had a market cap reaching 15 trillion won (around $12.7 billion USD) due to the continuous increase of the company's stock prince since their initial public offering (IPO).

BTS RM, Jin and J-Hope Sell 10 Billion Won Worth of Their HYBE Stocks

According to HYBE's mass holdings of stocks report on the public disclosure system of the Financial Supervisory Service on December 2 KST, three of BTS' members - RM, Jin, and J-Hope - had recently sold a portion of each of their HYBE stocks that amounts to a total of 10 billion won (around $8.4 million USD) worth of profits from October to Early November.


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According to the report, RM (real name Kim Namjoon), had sold 10,385 of his shares from October 13 to November 9, earning him around 3.4 billion won (around $2.89 million USD), with the selling price a minimum of 282,500 won (around $240 USD) each share and a maximum of 388,750 won (around $330 USD) on November 9.


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As for Jin (real name Kim Seokjin), he sold 16,000 of his HYBE stocks on October 19 at 302,688 won per share, earning him an estimated 5.2 billion won (around $4.45 million USD).


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While J-Hope (real name Jung Hoseok) sold 5,601 of his shares at 330,063 won each, earning him a profit of 1.8 billion won (around $1.56 million USD).

With that, RM currently has 58,000 shares, Jin has 52,385 shares, and J-Hope has 62,784 shares. The remaining BTS members - Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook - did not sell any of their shares and still have 68,385 shares each of their HYBE stocks.

Meanwhile, HYBE's stock price has been between the 200,000 to 300,000 won (around $170 USD to $255 USD) range in the second half of 2021. And with the resumption of offline concerts and events held by HYBE artists, an increase is expected.

In fact, HYBE's stock price rose sharply even after RM, Jin, and J-Hope sold their shares, peaking at 421,500 won (around $358 USD) per share back on November 17.

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