BTS Jungkook Responds To Criticism Of His Many Tattoos

BTS Jungkook Responds To Criticism Of His Many Tattoos

Media outlets are reporting on Jungkook's response to his tattoos.

As seen previously, the BTS member confronted his discussion with fans about his tattoos, including the cover-up of his 'eye' and the 'ARMY' lettering. Recently, media outlets also spotlighted Jungkook's direct response to netizens' questions and suggestions about removing them.

During the live stream, Jungkook said:

"Removing them is painful. I don't like pain. Removing them hurts, and I heard it takes a while. I understand why some people want to get them removed but...really? Because, it's something that I've wanted. That's why they remain. If I remove them, that means I am denying my past self. That past self was also me. So, I don't think removing them is the right thing (for me)."

He added that he is still open to removing them if there comes a moment when he must do so. But if not, he doesn't think "it's necessary."

Online, netizens reacted:

"I think there might come a day you regret it... but since he got them because he wanted to, I don't think other people are entitled to tell him to consider removing them~ It's his individuality and style~"

"It's not an ethical issue, so I don't think it's anyone's business to tell others what to do. That's unnecessarily crossing the boundaries."

"Jungkook can do whatever he wants"

"I think the problem is that the people who worry about young people getting tattoos because of him see the fans as crazily obsessed or something. Everyone does things based on their own thoughts and Jungkook has also done the same. Nobody has any right to tell him anything. Why are even the non-fans talking about this and making a fuss..."