7 Times Stylists Came Under Fire For Controversial Outfits In 2021

7 Times Stylists Came Under Fire For Controversial Outfits In 2021

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In 2021, K-Pop’s hottest stars graced the stage in many beautiful outfits, but not every style choice hit the mark. Here are 7 outfits that stirred up controversy this year.

1. Yuna’s “provocative” look

ITZY‘s stylists came under fire during the group’s comeback promotions for Crazy in Love. Fans were shocked by the outfit Yuna wore to Music Bank on September 24th.


Many fans felt that the outfit was too provocative for the 17-year-old star. They particularly criticized the stylists for choosing a low neckline, short skirt, and ripped stockings for Yuna.

2. BTS’s ill-fitting GDA outfits

BTS‘s stylists received backlash for dressing BTS in ill-fitting, red carpet outfits at the 35th Golden Disc Awards.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Fans felt that the stylists were “careless,” and that the outfits should have been tailored to fit the members better. Unfortunately, this is not the only time BTS’s style team took heat from ARMY this year.

| The Daily Sports

3. Song Ji Hyo’s haircut

In November, actress Song Ji Hyo shared a photo of her new pixie cut. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy about her transformation. Fans demanded that Song Ji Hyo’s agency replace her stylist team after seeing this look on Running Man.

Song Ji Hyo in the latest episode of “Running Man” | SBS

In an in-depth statement, uploaded to the Song Ji Hyo Gallery on DC Inside, fans claimed that the actress has not had suitable makeup, hair, or outfits for years. They fear that poor styling could rob Song Ji Hyo of career opportunities and negatively impact her public image.

…Additionally, she has constantly been named one of the worst-dressed celebrities in surveys done around online community websites. In response, we the fans no longer feel comfortable with sitting back and watching the negativity build around her.

— Song Ji Hyo’s Fandom

4. Oh My Girl’s “hectic” dresses

BTS’s style team wasn’t the only team that missed the mark at the 35th Golden Disc Awards. Oh My Girl fans were not pleased with these “hectic” red carpet dresses. Critics felt that the variety of patterns, cuts, and fabric did not blend well together.

Oh My Girl | News1

On the other hand, Oh My Girl’s hanbok outfits received plenty of praise!

5. Plagiarism accusations

THE BOYZ‘s stylist faced plagiarism accusations for these outfits, worn on M COUNTDOWN for a performance of “Thrill Ride.”

THE BOYZ | @MnetMcountdown/Twitter

The stylist was accused of copying the luxury brand Dior Homme. Fans pointed out the similarities between Hyunjae‘s sweater…

THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae | @MnetMcountdown/Twitter

Q‘s suit jacket…

THE BOYZ’s Q | @MnetMcountdown/Twitter

…and the Dior Homme Spring-Summer 2018 menswear collection.

| Dior

| Dior

6. ITZY’s Knowing Bros. outfits

There’s no denying that ITZY’s members look like goddesses in every outfit, but fans weren’t feeling Ryujin‘s shapeless vest, or Yeji and Chaeryeong‘s clunky jackets.


Some fans described the look as “messy,” after noticing the girls’ wrinkled pleats.

| Asia Today

7. BTS’s shoes

At the GDAs, fans called out BTS’s ill-fitting outfits for aesthetic reasons. These shoes, however, were a safety problem at BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert at Olympic Stadium.

Photos of BTS members’ shoes | Herald Kyunjae

Jin and J-Hope sported shoes that were much too large for them. Fans worried that dancing in these oversized shoes could jeopardize the members’ safety.

Photos of BTS members’ shoes | Herald Kyunjae

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