7 Stars And Their Studio Ghibli Counterparts

7 Stars And Their Studio Ghibli Counterparts

Studio Ghibli characters are perhaps one of the most calming, soothing characters to watch on-screen.

Plus, you can't deny they are drawn so well, and many stars actually resemble real-life Ghibli characters! So here are seven stars and their Studio Ghibli counterparts!

1. Ma Dong Seok and Totoro: Although both look intimidating at first, Totoro is a great supporting character and is a complete softie at heart. The same could be said for Ma Dong Suk! Not only is he great at acting, but he's known to be super gentle, polite, and kind to those around him!

2. BTS RM and Tombo: Tombo is a depiction of RM's inner being. He has this intelligent side to him, highly focused on the mechanics of planes, and in the same way, as many fans know, RM is known to be quite an intelligent person. He has that nerdy charm which makes him all the more attractive!

3. Kim Tae Ri and Mei Kusakabe: Full of wonder and amazement, Mei is quite the energetic little girl, running around everywhere and having fun wherever she goes. Mei finds joy in all things; she's a little ray of sunshine! Kim Tae Ri is known for her bold and fearless personality, and she also tends to make the most of any and every situation, smiling and brightening up the room wherever she goes!

4. IU and Sophie Hatter: Contrary to the energetic and bold characters, Sophie Hatter gives off a more calm, mature vibe similar to the aura that IU presents. Sophie also seems very proper in the way that she speaks, dresses, and moves, just like IU herself!

5. BTS Jin and Calcifer: A little fire goes a long way. Calcifer is one character you don't want to mess with; he has a sassy side to him and isn't afraid to say what needs to be said. If you've ever seen Jin on any of his VLives, well, you know just how sassy Jin can be when he wants to!

6. SF9 Rowoon and Haku: Maybe it's the roles that Rowoon has taken in most of the dramas he's been in, where he'll always come in and save the day, but overall he seems like a person who would be willing to put himself at risk for the sake of protecting the ones he loves, just like how Haku was struggling through the curse and was willing to do all he could to help Chihiro find her way back home.

7. Lee Jung Eun and Osono: Osono is the mother we all want! Comforting yet free-spirited, Lee Jung Eun also has taken on many motherly roles, and it's a comfort whenever fans get to see her on-screen! Plus, Osono owns a bakery, so you get yummy pastries to fill your tummy!

If there's ever a live rendition of any Studio Ghibli movies, it'd be great to see these actors and stars be cast!

Source: Allkpop