7 K-Pop Idols With Adorable “Boba Eyes”

7 K-Pop Idols With Adorable “Boba Eyes”

Named after the tapioca pearls in everybody’s favorite beverage, “boba eyes” is usually used to describe someone with round, dark eyes that are super shiny.

It’s a hallmark of cuteness, and there’s no doubt that this feature is uber-adorable! Here are just a few examples of idols with the cutest “boba eyes.”

1. Stray Kids Han

With his soft cheeks and round eyes that seem to shine in any light, there’s no doubt that Stray Kids’ Han is super cute! It’s maybe not the image you’d expect from a rapper and member of Stray Kids’ legendary production team 3RACHA, but that just makes him all the more adorable.

2. aespa Giselle

aespa is known for their top-tier looks and stunning AI-like visuals, but Giselle proves that she can pull off a more casual style just as well! Her round, cute eyes suit a more minimal makeup application, and the laid-back look highlights just how adorable she is.

3. ENHYPEN Jungwon

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon is actually one of the youngest members of the group despite being the leader, so it makes sense that he’s super adorable! His soft features perfectly suit his face shape – and of course, the round, shiny “boba eyes” make him even cuter.

4. TWICE Chaeyoung

TWICE’s Chaeyoung has garnered a lot of attention lately for her refreshing visuals, and it’s easy to see why! Her bright, round eyes are undoubtedly her best feature, and they make her look extra cute. Her irises really do look like little boba pearls!

5. NCT Haechan

NCT’s Haechan is known to fit a variety of concepts, which is why he’s been in a couple of different NCT sub-units over the years. However, there’s just no denying that his wide, shiny “boba eyes” are adorable no matter what concept he’s working with!

6. NMIXX Haewon

NMIXX’s Haewon is the leader of the team, but she’s so adorable that you might mistake her for the maknae! Her small face highlights the fact that she has some super wide, round eyes that seem to sparkle in every single photograph. She’s just too cute!

7. BTS’s Jungkook

No matter the look or the concept, there’s one thing about Jungkook that never changes: his cute “boba eyes”! Right from the beginning of BTS’s career, Jungkook has been known for his round, shiny eyes. Doe eyes, boba eyes – whatever you want to call it, there’s no denying that they’re adorable.

Source: Allkpop