6 Of The Most “Knife-like” Choreographies

6 Of The Most “Knife-like” Choreographies

The "Knife Like" choreography is when the dance moves are so precise and synchronized between every member of a group that the performance looks almost seamless!

Here are six of the most impressive "Knife Like" choreographies in K-Pop!

1. INFINITE: Of course, we cannot forget the ones who were the OG idol group given the title of "Knife like." INFINITE became so popular with their remarkable uniformity when it came to dancing and performing on stage!

2. GFriend: GFriend amazed everyone with their dancing skills when they made their appearance on "Weekly Idol," for they didn't miss one beat even when their song was sped up twice as fast!

3. BTS: You can really tell that BTS moves as one just by hearing their footsteps beat on the floor! Truly, "knife like" choreography indeed!

4. TXT: TXT also astounded everyone when they made their debut for their intricate choreography. Always being on point, their steps never falter on stage! Imagine how much time and effort went into practicing so that not one member is off-beat!

5. NCT: Also an iconic group known for their "knife like" dance moves, it's pretty amazing how so many members can be such in sync with each other. NCT makes it easy to dance such moves, but it's easier said than done. Truly a masterpiece when it comes to performing on stage!

6. GOT7: GOT7 showed just how well they work when it comes to matching up their dance moves; even though their song was sped up to quit the speed, viewers were amazed at their performance on "Weekly Idol!"

It is truly remarkable how much dedication and effort goes into ensuring that each and every step is perfectly synchronized, demonstrating the immense love and respect these idols have for their fans and their desire to put on the best show possible!

Source: Allkpop