5 male idols picked as the ideal sons-in-law of South Korea

5 male idols picked as the ideal sons-in-law of South Korea

There are many factors that make K-Pop male idols become ideal sons-in-law, from their appearance, their talents to the...

There are many factors that make K-Pop male idols become ideal sons-in-law, from their appearance, their talents to their personality. However, there are representatives who are even more beloved because they possess great cooking skills. Recently, OSEN, a Korean media outlet, has picked 5 male idols who excel at cooking, making them the perfect sons-in-law that every family wants.

D.O. (EXO)


Among K-Pop idols, D.O. is famous for being a gourmet who possesses proficient cooking skills. EXO members many times shared that D.O. is the person who is responsible for making delicious foods for the group. Even while traveling, D.O. also particularly like visiting the good restaurants, and he often even asks the chefs to learn more about the cuisine.


The members of the group also especially appreciate his talent. Kai once said: "D.O. always has his own opinion about cooking. Therefore, I want to one day have him assess whether my cooking is good or not." Before his enlistment in the military, the EXO's main vocal even got a certificate of cooking Korean dishes. Currently, D.O. is serving as an army chef during his military service.



It would be flawed not to mention BTS member Jin in this list. Since his debut, the male idol has been known as the one responsible for cooking delicious food for the group. In the past, Jin used to post recipes on his blog with photos of him cooking, and these posts are still kept by fans to this day.


Over time, Jin's ability became more and more proficient. When he was a guest on MBC's 'Idol Chef King' in 2016, he surprised everyone by being the only one who could perform the difficult task of removing the chalazae (the white streak around the yolk) of an egg. When participating in the reality show 'Bon Voyage', although he had never tried making sashimi fillet before, the eldest member of BTS completed the task nicely.



The next male idol with the special cooking talent is SEVENTEEN's Mingyu. When he was a guest on SBS' 'Baek Jongwon's Top 3 Chef King', he once shared, "Our group has 13 members. Because I take over the cooking position, I'm often called the 'Housewife'. SEVENTEEN has a lot of members so if I cook ramyeon, I have to use up to 20 packs."

After saying that, he also made 20 dishes of noodles in the show, which made the audience surprised. The guests and the staff, all admired Mingyu's skillful hands, and then praised the noodles he made. Fans also love to watch Mingyu cooking because he always exudes a special charm during such times.



Jaehyun is currently an emerging name in the list of K-Pop male idols who are good at cooking. In the reality show 'NCT Life', he won the cooking contest outstandingly. After that, his recipe was even applied by the SMT Seoul Restaurant .


When NCT 127 participated in the 'Star Road' show in January, the male idol shared that what he cooks the best is spicy stir-fried pork. Jaehyun revealed, "In the past, I used to make this dish for the members so much that I was later called 'Jung stir-fried pork'. Besides, if I have a recipe, I can learn to cook anything."



When it comes to YG's idols who are good at cooking, many people will have to think of Song Yunhyeong. The iKON member once shared on 'Radio Star' in May that he likes to cook for himself because he was so bored of having to order food during his trainee days.


Photos of his delicious dishes were also shared by the program, such as fried shrimp sandwich with crab stick, cheese tonkatsu, twigim deopbab (rice with accompanying fried foods). Yunhyeong is also very active in sharing his passion for cooking through his own Vlog channel. Actress Kim Soomi, one of his guests, also had to compliment the male idol: "It's not easy to cook like that. He really has a talent for cooking."

Out of the 5 guys mentioned above, who are you most impressed with? Are they the perfect sons-in-law? Please share your opinion.