5 K-Pop Boy Group Summer Songs That Can Never Get Old

5 K-Pop Boy Group Summer Songs That Can Never Get Old

Are you ready for summer?

Are you ready to enjoy the upcoming summer with numerous K-Pop releases? Previously, Kpopmap had written a list of K-Pop girl group summer songs that can never get old and this time, we are back with a list that features boy groups.

Let's take a look at which songs they are!

1. WINNER 'Island'

Who else is a fan of heading to the beach during summer?

While making your way down, listening to 'Island' by WINNER will absolutely lift up your spirits and anticipate the unforgettable experience that will happen soon.

2. BEAST/ Highlight 'Beautiful Night'

If you have been to a party on the night of summer, there is just something about 'Beautiful Night' that suits the entire atmosphere.

The song lifts up the mood of listeners and talks about how it is a literally beautiful night impossible to be forgotten.

3. EXO 'Ko Ko Bop'

EXO has an incredibly long list of amazing songs but if we were to choose the one that suits summer, 'Ko Ko Bop' got to be the one.

From their handsome visuals, the sick beats, and breathtaking dance, 'Ko Ko Bop' is a must-play song!

4. INFINITE 'She's Back'

If you have been a K-Pop fan since the 2nd generation, you are going to definitely know about this song by the legendary INFINITE.

The song talks about the sheer anticipation they have when waiting for the one they love to come.

Along with the addictive beats and rhythm, you will find yourself bobbing your head in no time!

5. SHINee 'View'

'View' has been rising up on the music charts for the past years despite it being released some time ago.

Many have been talking about how the track is modern and does not feel 'old' even if they listen to it now. It looks like even for a long time later SHINee 'View' will still be a huge hit!

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