3 male idols deemed the 'Future of K-Pop' by idol trainer

3 male idols deemed the 'Future of K-Pop' by idol trainer

Recently, a professional K-pop idol trainer named In Ji Woong shared on his personal YouTube channel an interesting vid...

Recently, a professional K-pop idol trainer named In Ji Woong shared on his personal YouTube channel an interesting video where he selected three male idols that deserved to be considered the "Future of K-pop".


According to In Ji Woong, these three new-generation male idols are the ones with the most potential to lead the K-Pop industry in n the future, with their talents, especially their skillful and beautiful dance moves. As an idol trainer and a dancer, In Ji Woong said that this is only a personal choice based on his own interests and views, but certainly no one can deny the talents and potential of these 3 K-Pop guys.

Let's take a look at the 3 faces selected by idol trainer In Ji Woong.

Yeonjun (TXT)


According to In Ji Woong, Yeonjun is the type of person who can shine alone in the limelight as well as work in a group. In other words, Yeonjun knows when to show his innate dancing talent, and when to collaborate with the group members to create a harmonious performance. The idol coach commented, "When it comes to dancing, Yeonjun is like an excellent student who only gets full A's." While expressing every movement in a sharp and timely manner, Yeonjun always tries to add his own personal color to the choreography. This is very difficult and rarely succeeeded thing among male idols, but it has been proved that this TXT guy born in 1999 has all the qualities to break out in the new generation of idols.

Hwanwoong (ONEUS)


Hwanwoong, just like the meaning of his stage name (a god in Korean mythology), is believed to be the next dancing king of K-Pop. Idol trainer In Ji Woong pointed out that: "Hwanwoong brings an elegant feel and comfort with his dance moves," and the ONEUS member born in 1998 always looks very happy, enjoying his performance without much pressure on stage. According to the coach, this "talent" can only come from an incredible level of confidence built on the basis of hard training. Hwanwoong's ability to perform dance moves easily will surely attract the attention of many K-Pop fans in the future.

Jisung (NCT)


Lastly, In Ji Woong praised Jisung's astonishing attention on every dance detail. "Like a master, he always tries to fill every moment of his performance on stage with perfection," implying that Jisung never wasted any moment on the stage. In fact, the coach added, "Jisung revealed in an interview that he even thinks about how to stroke his hair more nicely." According to In Ji Woong, this dedication will definitely pay off in the near future. More importantly, the coach stated, "Jisung is still young and so his body is still growing." And once this NCT guy born in 2002 has fully developed, K-Pop fans will surely have no other choice but to watch and admire Jisung's every step on the stage.

Although this may be a subjective assessment of idol trainer In Ji Woong, his choice has received a lot of favorable comments from the Korean online community. Many people left comments praising and looking forward to the further development of the 3 idols in the future.

  • "Yeonjun is really good at everything, looking forward to seeing him more in the future."
  • "I fell in love with Hwanwoong after watching 'Road To Kingdom'. I know that his stage expression is very good but did not expect to see him dance so well... I hope ONEUS will get more popular soon".
  • "NCT Jisung will become even more explosive when he reaches adulthood. Now I can see the emergence of a strong main dancer from SM family."
  • "Jisung is really the future of Kpop. 15 years old and he already debuted as a main dancer in a SM group."
  • "Hwanwoong used to take part in 'Produce 101' season 2, right? I still remember him dancing really well."

Do you agree with idol trainer In Ji Woong's choice for the 3 "Future of Kp-Pop"?