25 Most Listened-To K-Pop Songs In March On Korean Gaon Digital Chart

25 Most Listened-To K-Pop Songs In March On Korean Gaon Digital Chart

While international fans can influence a lot of charts, the Gaon Chart is one out of their reach, as it reflects only how a song performs in South Korea.


The Gaon Music Chart (or Gaon Chart) is a national music chart of South Korea. It is similar to the U.S. Billboard and Japan's Oricon chart. Established in 2010, this chart provides very prestigious statistic, solely for South Korea, so it reflects very accurately the music taste of Koreans, which can be quite different from the rest of the world.

Gaon has recently unveiled its data for March 2021, and below are the 25 most popular songs of the month on Gaon Digital Chart, along with how many points they amassed through streams and downloads.

25. 'Old Song' - Standing Egg: 44.4M points

24. 'On That Day' - Lee Ye Joon: 44.7M points

23. 'How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love' - Akdong Musician: 45.2M points

22. 'Love Should Not Be Harsh On You' - Im Chang Jung: 45.4M points

21. 'Gone' - Rosé: 47.1M points

20. 'Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers' - Jang Beom June: 48.2M points

19. 'Eight' - IU: 50.6M points

18. 'Blueming' - IU: 50.8M points

17. 'Do You Want To Walk With Me?' - Jukjae: 53.3M points

16. 'Lilac' - IU: 56.8M points

15. 'Borrow Your Night' - 10cm: 57.2M points

14. 'Slightly Tipsy' - Sandeul: 58.3M points

13. 'VVS' - Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda, & Mushvenom (ft. JUSTHIS): 58.6M points

12. 'Lovesick Girls' - BLACKPINK: 59.0M points

11. 'Can’t Sleep' - Jang Beom June: 62.8M points

10. 'Hold My Hand' - IU: 63.0M points

9. 'I Will Be Your Shining Star' - Song I Han: 63.4M points

8. 'Don’t Call Me' - SHINee: 65.9M points

7. 'Shiny Star (2020)' - KyoungSeo: 75.7M points

6. 'Dynamite' - BTS: 76.9M points

5. 'On The Ground' - Rosé: 79.7M points

4. 'Love Day (2021)' - Yoseob & Eunji: 85.4M points

3. 'My Starry Love' - Lim Young Woong: 110.7M points

2. 'Celebrity' - IU: 135.9M points

1. 'Rollin'' - Brave Girls: 162.7M points