15 Lesser-Known K-Pop Boy Group Songs To Enrich Your Playlist This Summer

15 Lesser-Known K-Pop Boy Group Songs To Enrich Your Playlist This Summer

When it comes to summer songs, people often think of BTS 'Dynamite', SHINee 'View', or EXO 'Ko Ko Bop', but there are still many hidden gems for your summertime playlist.


When the weather gets warmer, we know another summer's coming, a summer with beaches, campfires and long-distance travel. And wouldn't it be sad if there weren't some cheerful music to accompany those fun? The following vibrant songs will be good additions to your playlist in this hot summer!

1. 'Ride On The Wind' by KARD

The modern and vibrant music from KARD makes any listener dance right from the first tunes. All are blended with the bright blue sea and white sand of the MV, the symbol of summer.

2. 'Crazy Sexy Cool' by ASTRO

Honestly, most of ASTRO’s songs could make this list, but 'Crazy Sexy Cool' is the one worth mentioned the most.


MONSTA X are not all about sexiness, they’re the kings of duality, who really served the industry one of the best summer songs that year with 'NEWTON.'

4. 'Let’s Hang Out' by SF9

What could be better than spending time with friends in summer? That’s what 'Let’s Hang Out' is all about.

5. 'VIBE' by 1TEAM

Although 1TEAM already disbanded, their debut song 'VIBE' shouldn't be forgotten, as it has that cheerful atmosphere that every summer song should have.

6. 'Wave' by ATEEZ


'Wave' contains that summer vibe even in its title. The track will transport you to the seaside in an instance no matter where you might be.

7. 'DO or NOT' by PENTAGON

PENTAGON’s latest title track, 'DO or NOT,' can make you wanna dance, a perfect addition to your summer playlist.

8. 'Blueprint' by Stray Kids

Stray Kids' 'Blueprint' is all about fun, paired with optimistic lyrics to lift you up this summer.

9. 'Holiday' by SEVENTEEN


Summer is not just sunny days on the beach, it can be a holiday night, just like in this song from SEVENTEEN.

10. 'Airplane' by ONEUS

ONEUS’ 'Airplane' guaranteed to take you on a flight of joy, and isn’t that what we want for summer?

11. 'Beautiful Beautiful' by ONF

The lyrics to this bop by ONF combined with its catchy tune can stuck in your head throughout this summer.

12. 'I’m Serious' by DAY6


Yes, DAY6 aren’t your typical boy group, and this song is not that new, but this list wouldn't be complete without 'I’m Serious'.

13. 'Take Me Higher' by A.C.E

The video for 'Take Me Higher' are as colorful as its melodies, promising to enrich your experience.

14. 'Pump It Up' by Golden Child

'Pump It Up' wasn't released in summer, yet it retains that carefree, fun feeling of the season.

15. 'Can’t Help Myself (feat. LOCO)' by Eric Nam

Summer can be about love, too. And Eric Nam’s 'Can’t Help Myself' us here to give us that romance feelings. He's a soloist, but we need him in the list.