10+ Times BTS’s V Was The King Of Pearl Accessories

10+ Times BTS’s V Was The King Of Pearl Accessories

V is a style icon!

BTS’s V constantly manages to grab the attention of many and captivate their hearts. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is also a huge trendsetter! Always serving us with the best looks, V often accessorizes his stunning outfits well! One major accessory V slays like no other are pearl accessories.

1. Honestly, BTS looks amazing in anything

V totally killed the Butter era and this look accessorized with pearls will always be iconic!

2. You can never have too many pearls

From his huge pear earring to his pearl beaded necklace, V proves that you can never have too many peals!

3. V can even add some pearls to a sleek look!

Even in a suit, there’s always room for some pearls!

4. He even wears them on his sweater!

Taehyun is absolutely glowing in this pearl sweater! His soft visuals are making all our hearts skip a beat!

5. V showed up to steal all our hearts

V attend the MMA’s and killed all of us with his insane visual and stunning ensemble!

6. Always representing Chanel!

There’s a lot going on in this look but I love it! V is not only sporing his cute green hair color, but also a pink boa and, of course, a Chanel pearl necklace!

7. Does it get any better than this?

V always looks too good in chokers and he definitely made us go crazy over him wearing this pearl Chanel choker!

8. V’s pearl earring became an iconic moment

Everything V does is pretty iconic, but when the world saw him with this pear earring, it became a stunning look fans neve4r forgot!

9. Just when you thought he couldn’t be even more handsome

V’s visuals are out of this world! His visuals shine so brightly that he pulls focuses away from a gorgeous Alexander McQueen Spider hoop earring.

10. I’m sure V has a collection of pear; earrings

I’m not sure if this is a person or an angel. I guess Taehyun is both!

11. A prince in Chanel

Many people try out pearl accessories and, while they look amazing, V definitely slays!

12. V is getting into the groove with his pearl necklace

V has blessed us with his amazing talent, charming personality, and amazing pear accessories!