10 K-Pop Tracks So Good They’ll Convert Even Non-Fans Into Stans

10 K-Pop Tracks So Good They’ll Convert Even Non-Fans Into Stans

The best thing about K-pop is the variety of music in the genre – there’s something for everyone no matter what their tastes may be!

Here are just a few examples of songs that are so amazing they’ll jump-start any non-fan on their journey to becoming a full-time K-pop stan. Use with caution because they’ll get stuck in your head too!

NewJeans – “Hype Boy”

NewJeans has had an ultra-successful debut, breaking records left and right. With a track as good as “Hype Boy,” it’s easy to see why! It’s smooth, easy listening with a fun K-pop twist, and it’s every bit as fresh as you’d expect from a brand-new girl group. For a fan of pop icons of the early 00’s, this is an instant hit!

DAY6 – “Zombie”

If you’ve got someone in your life who is more of a fan of old-school bands than pop, then DAY6 is the perfect introduction to K-pop! “Zombie” was a pandemic release and perfectly captured the atmosphere of the time, but it has also maintained its brand-new classic status in the years since.

Red Velvet – “Bad Boy”

Red Velvet has covered a huge variety of sounds over the course of their career, but the smooth R&B sound of “Bad Boy” stands out as one of their best. The instantly addictive beat and cool melody are unique enough to feel special without being too crazy, and it’ll make a K-pop fan out of any casual listener.


The “bedroom pop” style is trending in a big way right now, but iKON has had that sound on lock since their 2018 release “LOVE SCENARIO.” The peppy piano line never gets old, and the chorus has a melody that’s sure to get stuck in your head. It’s chill and fun all at the same time, and it’s a song pretty much anyone will love!

Choi Ye Na – “LxxK 2 U”

Choi Ye Na has really made a splash with her solo work – including “Lxxk 2 U” from her debut album. It has a little bit of an emo rock sound that still stays true to the K-pop style and is a total breakup anthem. This one is the perfect way to sing out any heartbreak and mint a new fan in the process!

Stray Kids – “CHEESE”

For regular rap listeners, “CHEESE” is the perfect introductory K-pop track. It’s got a hard-hitting beat and some pretty incredible rap rhythms, and it’ll have just about anybody bopping along. Stray Kids’ rap line is one of the best in the K-pop business, so fans of creative flows and sick beats will be instantly hooked!


IVE has been making hit after hit since their debut, and “LOVE DIVE” is no exception! The electro-pop track combined with the gorgeous vocals make this a song you can listen to again and again, and the breakdown is as cool as they come. This is the perfect K-pop song for anyone who loves to dance!

TXT – “Anti-Romantic”

TXT has some truly superb vocals, and “Anti-Romantic” is proof! It’s got a sort of soft, alternative style that makes for some super chill listening, and there’s something about the phrase “Anti-Romantic” that feels almost edgy. For someone that prefers their music to have a dreamy vibe, this is the way to go!

BLACKPINK – “The Happiest Girl”

The BLACKPINK members aren’t exactly known for their ballads, but “The Happiest Girl” proves that they should be! This comes from their latest album and is a great track to convert Western pop fans to K-pop since it’s all in English. The soulful vocals and stunning piano melody make this song a 10 out of 10!

BTS – “Butter”

You can’t mention all-English K-pop tracks without bringing BTS’s “Butter” into the conversation! If you’re looking to turn a disco music lover into a K-pop stan, then “Butter” is the perfect song. It’s unapologetically bright and fun, and you really can’t listen to this track without feeling the urge to groove along.

Source: Soompi