ARMYs Think BTS’s “Actor Jin” Might Be Making His K-Drama Debut, All Because Of Comments Made By Actor Kim Nam Gil

ARMYs Think BTS’s “Actor Jin” Might Be Making His K-Drama Debut, All Because Of Comments Made By Actor Kim Nam Gil

The proof seems undeniable!

For many fans, BTS‘s Jin is literally the epitome of a perfect idol. Not only can he sing and dance, but he’s known as “Worldwide Handsome” and also studied to be an actor.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Well, it seems like the last part of the long list of Jin’s talents has been making ARMYs very excited after many believe that “Actor Jin” could be making a comeback.

ARMYs have always known that Jin attended one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, Konkuk University, and majored in the Department of Film and Visual Arts for his bachelor’s degree. Then, he continued his studies at Hanyang Cyber ​​University and majored in Film for his master’s degree. Therefore, Jin is talented not only in singing and dancing but also in acting.

Throughout the years, he has showcased his acting skills throughout BTS’s music videos and the content that the group releases. With his dazzling visuals and emotions, he would definitely be “Leading man” material.

Jin (BTS) Perfil (2022) – LOVE4Ever BR


Actor Jin The Handsome Hotelier Full Video (English Sub) - YouTube

BTS (방탄소년단) 'ON' Official MV #JIN | Kim seokjin, Worldwide handsome, Jin

Of course, ARMYs are always asking for “Actor Jin,” yet it recently became a hot topic on social media because of veteran actor Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil is best known for his lead roles in movies (Pandora, Memoir of a Murderer, The Pirates, and Portrait of a Beauty), as well as The Fiery Priest K-Drama. Jin revealed that Kim Nam Gil greatly influenced his decision to study acting, and he has shown love for the actor many times since then.

Actor Kim Nam Gil

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Kim Nam Gil was asked about his nickname and how he’s known as an “Old man” because he’s often mistaken as being older as he is close with those born in the 1970s, whereas he was born in the 1980s.

In his response, he explained that it was given to him because he is “behind” in the “digital era.” But he also added that he finds it easier to talk to those older than him, and listed people younger than him that he’s worked with, and Jin’s name appeared.

I have worked with younger people like BTS Jin, [ASTRO’s] Cha Eunwoo, and [Girls’ Generation’s] Seohyun, but it seems I have difficulties communicating with them. — Kim Nam Gil

| Cosmopolitan Korea

It was recently announced that Kim Nam Gil would be working with Cha Eunwoo and Seohyun in the upcoming K-Drama Island. The series is set on Jeju Island, and many pointed out that Jin recently shared images of himself at the same location.

Yet, there is no information about any projects that the actor has done with Jin. As expected, it made ARMYs think whether, while the members are focusing on individual activities, Jin could be making his K-Drama debut soon.

thinking about kim namgil is the reason why kim seokjin wants to be actor and he see him as an actor now seokjin working with actor kim namgil , actor jin??? 😭

— MAYCEE ⁷ 🐹🖤🃏 (@seokjinmylabsss) July 21, 2022

At first, many wondered about the context of “worked” and thought it could be interpreted differently, as the duo met during an award ceremony in 2019.

Kim Nam Gil meeting BTS at the 2021 “Golden Disc Awards”

Yet, considering the other names on his list are those the actor has directly worked with, many took it as enough proof that “Actor Jin” could be making a comeback but on a large scale.

Although nothing has been confirmed, ARMYs are hoping that it could be a hint of what to expect from the group’s oldest member. They want it so much that the phrases “Actor Jin” and “Actor Jin is coming” was trending worldwide.

Of course, nothing is confirmed. With the members revealing that they wanted to focus on individual activities while still doing activities as BTS, “Actor Jin” could easily be next. Of course, it would definitely make ARMYs excited AF.

Source: Koreaboo