Trailer DUNE: Marvel - DC heroes reunion

Trailer DUNE: Marvel - DC heroes reunion

DUNE opens up a very new and fascinating world, focusing on Timothée Chalamet's male lead's journey to win over the Dune.

DUNE is the next most anticipated blockbuster of Warner Bros. with the participation of "handsome and handsome handsome man" Timothée Chalamet. The first 3-minute trailer just released on the morning of September 10 revealed majestic scenes, strange details and equally fascinating, as if seeing a world The Lord of the Rings or new Star Wars. However, for those who have never read the story or consulted through a 1984 adaptation of director David Lynch, DUNE can be a confusing work. Therefore, this article will help you answer all questions related to the latest trailer of Denis Villeneuve's blockbuster dubbed "can not be transformed into a movie".

What does the fondling kiss at the opening of the trailer promise?
The trailer opens with the seductive lips of Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya preparing to bump into each other, signaling a "bloody" love affair. The image of Chani in a white suit standing on a cliff is most likely taken from Paul's dream before the two met.

Next, we get to see a character covered in a veil. This is Gaius Helen Mohiam - Bene Gesserit's pastoral mother: a group of sisters who are nuns / witches practice together to cultivate righteousness, possessing supernatural powers. We can see this cool character forces Paul to participate in the "test of humanity" when he has to fly into a mysterious box containing pain.

Desert planet but with white sand blue sea?
This segment of Paul walking around by the beach is most likely set in Caladan - the boy's home town. Caladan is the home of the Atreides family and is also the place where Paul's father ruled.

Paul has a match with martial arts master Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin) in a strange style. Right now, the two were using a barrier that could block fast-moving matter (like bullets), but slow-moving things could pass. That's why in a world full of guns, we see the two fighting with each other.

The trailer reveals the image of actor Oscar Isaac as Leto, but at this time, the character looks quite tired and insecure. The following dialogue also alludes to something about Leto's failure in running his homeland. "My father rules an entire planet," Paul said proudly. "He's about to fail," the pastor's mother replied.


Paul's mother was also present, married but not married?
Next, the image of Jessica - Paul's mother also appeared. Played by actress Rebecca Ferguson, the character is from the Bene Gesserit group mentioned above, and also the woman who accompanied Paul's father without being married. Jessica was also assigned by the pastor's mother to give birth to a daughter with Paul's father to carry out the Bene Gesserit mission. However, she protested and later gave birth to Paul.

What is Aquaman doing in the desert like this?
DUNE stars Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho - a swordsman loyal to Atreides. Described as an extremely handsome person and possessing deadly martial arts with his blade, Duncan is the second most popular character in the original series.

The bloodthirsty Baron appeared in a mist
If there is a bright front side, there must be a worthy villain. Stellan Skarsgard will be the actor holding the lord of Baron of the Harkonnen clan, also the eternal enemy of the Atreides clan. This is a visionary villain with venomous intrigue.

Stilgar (Javier Bardem), chief of Sietch Tabr (one of the Fremen tribes), appears to be very little, but it is noticeable with blue eyes like the ocean. It is also characteristic of the Fremen clan, also an unintended side effect after years of direct contact with the strange "spice" mixed in the sand of Arrakis. In addition, the face-lifted Stilgar mask in the trailer regenerates water from his body from anywhere (like sweat, urine, …) and turns it into drinking water.

Water dragonplanes are everywhere!
DUNE not only has stunning scenes of sandy soil, but also offers the audience the most advanced machines rarely seen on the screen. Among them is a spaceship that looks like a dragonfly called Ornithopter. This will be the main means of transportation for the characters, like a yellow taxi for New York or a red double-decker bus in London. This is a commendable detail of Villeneuve when even David Lynch 26 years ago could not reproduce this kind of bulky equipment in his film.


Environmentally friendly "transgender" female doctor
Ecologist Kynes was originally a male character in the original, but when the 2020 film was released, it was assigned to actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster. Unlike the scams to take advantage of precious resources, the ideal of Kynes is to turn the arid desert of Arrakis into the most fertile, green land possible.

The black-shirt social group led by Marvel's "invisible man"
Under the oligarchs Baron will be a group of bald, purple and black-dressed, led by nephew Glossu (Dave Bautista). He is a tyrant and used to be the former guardian of the Land of Cat. Later, that title was transferred to the Atreides family, thereby making him hate. Glossu also frequently used his forces to suppress the Fremen, including the pearls Paul loved.

Aquaman acted too deep to Game of Thrones?
In the scene near the end of the trailer, Duncan kneels down and calls Paul "the duke". This means a great deal when the young man's role is growing on the journey. On the other hand, it will adversely affect the position of the Leto enemy in the future.

Fat giant land deep in the sand dunes
One of the most frightening but also most magnificent details in the DUNE trailer is a giant, thousand-toothed worm emerging from the sand. It caused Paul and Gurney to scurry to find a place to escape aboard the Ornithopter spacecraft. This will be a big and unpredictable threat next to the hostile family Harkonnen on the way to collect the mysterious "spice" of the male lead.

So what is DUNE about?
The main content of DUNE tells about a distant future when people find a new "life source" in the desert planet Arrakis - also known as the Land of Sand. The matter on this planet is also known as "spice" is a drug that can extend human life, enhance intelligence and even serve to travel faster than the speed of light. The character Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) is the father of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and is also the person directly in charge of the extraction of "spice" from the planet Arrakis. However, they have difficulty confronting a giant earthworm as big as a hot air balloon. Later, Paul and his mother will also have to confront the Fremen - indigenous people of Arrakis and meet Chani (Zendaya). In addition, the hostile family Harkonnen is also contending to rule Arrakis from the hands of the Paul family to get the endless source of "spice". DUNE will be a satisfying adventure with fierce family struggles.