Tenet is a sequel to Inception, from hair colors to voices

Tenet is a sequel to Inception, from hair colors to voices

With the theory coming from the Inception fan community, it is possible that Tenet is a sequel to this legendary movie...

With the theory coming from the Inception fan community, it is possible that Tenet is a sequel to this legendary movie with a close connection that is hard to deny.

Only a few weeks left, the world audience will enjoy Tenet - the new super product from the hands of talented director Christopher Nolan. Despite a strong investment in promoting with a talented cast, the content of the film is still being hidden by the producer, even from the names of the characters. It is known that the main character for John David Washington to play is just called "The Protagonist". In addition, Robert Pattinson also played the role of Neil, but the actor himself did not really confirm this was the real name of this character. This has aroused even more curiosity from the fans. Recently, the Flick Fanatics Youtube account and the Screen Rant page have given an unexpected conspiracy theory: Could it be that Tenet is the sequel to the blockbuster Inception once? With highly convincing evidence presented, this idea makes many people unable to deny.

Release time of 2 movies


If Inception is released in 2010, Tenet will "launch" in 2020 - the beginning of the new decade. Although during the past 10 years, Nolan has produced more movies, but it is still possible that these 2 interesting milestones will mark these two expected blockbusters "brothers". Director Nolan also shared that he came up with the idea of ​​Inception and Tenet about 20 years ago. Maybe all of this is part of a plan lasting 20 years?

The similarity in the poster


Another point that makes many fans believe this theory is due to the promotion posters of both films. Looking at the image below, you can clearly see that Tenet and Inception have a certain style: the space is divided into 4 different arrays with the main character in the middle. This may just be a coincidence, but considering that director Nolan is a pioneer, always doing new things is also very suspicious.

The difference in the film budget


If we only rely on the trailer for Tenet, we can clearly see that although this is a blockbuster movie with many action scenes, the scale is not as large as Inception and the cast is not as expensive. But Tenet's budget was $225 million - $65 million more than Inception's budget. According to Flick Fanatics, this disparity could have been used to hire actors from Inception, typically Leonardo DiCaprio. This is not the first time director Nolan played this "hide the actor" trick to create surprises for viewers.

Of course, the other case is simply that Tenet has many undisclosed segments, or the inflation problem makes the film's production cost more expensive than 10 years ago. Anyway, this is still a plausible and probable argument.

The appearance of a familiar face


With his appearances in both Inception and Tenet, actor Michael Caine is likely to be an important link between the two films. If this is true, chances are he will still play the character Cobb's father in Inception.

Are Cobb's two children in Inception now grown up?


Looking at Tenet's setting and costume, one can tell that the movie takes place years after Inception. Thus, Cobb's two children in Inception are now grown up and most likely are the two characters played by Robert Pattinson and Clémence Poésy. Another very convincing detail to support this point is the voice, hair color of the characters based on the trailer.

Robert Pattinson is actually brown, but has dyed it blond to play Tenet - the same hair color as Cobb's son James. Not only that, he also has to speak British-American accent when he plays Tenet, which is different from his inherent British-British accent. Coincidentally, young James is also an American. Is this a coincidence that Cobb's daughter Phillipa was also raised for many years by her mother Mallorie Cobb - a French character? If all of the above is true, then this will be the reason why the film still "hides" the names of its main characters despite many media requests.

Immediately after this conspiracy theory was announced, the fan community waiting for Tenet was also very excited and looking forward to this reality, contributing many comments to reinforce the point that made everyone nod.