Forbes announces hot TikTokers with income of millions of dollars

Forbes announces hot TikTokers with income of millions of dollars

Although at a very young age, these TikTokers have a lot of fortune. Genre Z continues to be the generation of social n...

Although at a very young age, these TikTokers have a lot of fortune. Genre Z continues to be the generation of social networking stirring with its influence through TikTok or famous fashion brands. Recently, the famous financial magazine Forbes announced the list of TikTokers making the most money on this social network video with many users, taking data from June 30, 2019 to June 30 ,2020, and interviewing the team of they as well as industry leaders for the most accurate view.

Addison Rae


According to Forbes, the 19-year-old girl studying journalism at Louisiana State University has earned from $ 5 million within 1 year.

Addison's large following has helped her earn many advertising contracts with Fashion Nova, Reebok and American Eagle. In addition, hot TikToker is also preparing to launch its own makeup product. Sharing with E! Online in a recent interview, Addison said the ITEM Beauty brand she created to inspire Gen Z "to accept her own shortcomings and not let insecurities appear. ".

Charli D'Amelio


With nearly 77 million followers, the 16-year-old girl regularly shows off her dancing skills and thus attracts the attention of netizens. In just 12 months since using TikTok, Charli made $ 4 million through advertising deals with companies including Hollister and Morphe Cosmetics, as well as a separate product developed by Charli himself. Sabra Hummus also released a video featuring Charli in the Super Bowl

Dixie D'Amelio


Third on this list is Charli D'Amelio's sister - Dixie D'Amelio with $ 2.9 million earned in 12 months. Dixie, 18, often appears next to her sister in many advertising campgain. However, Dixie has a passion for music and wants to become a singer. Her first single, Be Happy was released last June and the MV of the same name has also attracted 61 million views.

Loren Gray


This 18-year-old girl is absolutely not a stranger when it comes to the world of influencers on social networks. Joining TikTok only helps Loren attract more fans. Few people know that Loren signed with Virgin Records in 2018 with the orientation of being a singer. She brought in an estimated $ 2.6 million in the past year through partnerships with Revlon, Skechers, Burger King and Hyundai.

Josh Richards


Forbes calls Josh "the hub of TikTok and a bad guy", but the 19-year-old hopes to continue his popularity as an artist. The income of $ 1.5 million that Josh earned thanks to sponsorship contracts and advertising revenue from his Personal YouTube Channel.

However, Josh also co-founded a talent management company called TalentX, an Ani Energy beverage company, and was appointed strategy director of Triller, a competitor to TikTok.

Michael Le


"I'm trying to be the top influencer on TikTok. I know how to put it all together. For each video to be a masterpiece, be a special person," said the 20-year-old with Forbes.

Michael earned more than $ 1.2 million thanks in part to a long sponsorship deal with energy drink company Bang.

Spencer X


Spencer X is a star who often posts videos showing off her super standard beatbox skills, attracting 40 million TikTok users. This attracted the attention of Oreo, Chipotle and Sony. Thanks to the contracts with the big guys, Spencer X earned about $ 1.2 million in just 1 year.