The most disaster roles of 'Marvel' actors they never want to talk about

The most disaster roles of 'Marvel' actors they never want to talk about

Every actor has a wacky role, including A-list actors who starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And they never want...

Every actor has a wacky role, including A-list actors who starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And they never want to mention it.

Samuel L. Jackson - Kite (2014)


In a movie based on an anime of the same name that was released in 1999, Commander Nick Fury plays a traitor policeman, wearing a drab outfit with a lazy acting like a B-rated actor. The story is quite fascinating when it revolves around the controversial life of an orphaned girl who is transformed into an assassin, but the way the script is written makes it a half-heartedly done movie.

Sebastian Stan - The Covenant (2006)


Apart from Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes in the Avengers-related films, it can be said that Stan's career is not that smooth. One of the worst roles of the handsome actor is Chase Collins in this movie about the witch.

Sebastian plays the main villain in The Covenant, a film about teenagers who inherited magic passed down from their ancestors. The script of the film is just bad, full of plot holes, and his role is just boring.

Tom Hiddleston - I See The Light (2016)


The biopic about country music legend Hank Williams did not win the hearts of the mainstream fans as much as expected, largely because its script was too one-sided, along with the poor combination of the two lead actors, Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen. The two seemed to act alone in each scene where they were supposed to be together.

Elizabeth Olsen - Very Good Girls (2014)


Acting with Dakota Fanning, our Marvel 'Scarlet Witch' has made this work about friendship extremely difficult to watch. Olsen and Fanning played two longtime friends, sharing one last summer before they went to different universities.

Their strong friendship suddenly cracks, when they both like a sexy guy. The relationship from friend to "rival" was exploited in a hurry, Olsen's character itself was lackluster, incomparable with Fanning's role. This is also the film where the actress has the least pretty appearance.

Robert Downey Jr. - Johnny Be Good (1988)


Young roles are often the most memorable ones of many actors, but not for Downey Jr. In this 80s comedy, he plays a ridiculous, unpleasant young man, a close friend of the main character. It's true that his role in Iron Man rescued his career.

Chris Evans - London (2006)


Evans was criticized for playing the role of Human Torch in the two Fantastic Four parts, but that is certainly not as bad as when he played the useless young man Syd in London. Starting as a movie about young people's neglect, London later gets the audience bored when it is too dogmatic, with many ridiculous points, and of course, the bad acting.

Chris Hemsworth - Red Dawn (2012)


The original film with the same name in 1984 was seen as a classic, but the remake version was not anywhere near as good. Without the talented director, John Milius, the remake is limited to a mid-range action film. Our Marvel 'Thor' also made the quality of the movie go down, when he performed poorly.

Scarlet Johannson - The Spirit (2008)


There are many bad films in her career, but our "Black Widow" will never stop being embarrassed whenever someone mentions her role in this movie. As an neo-noir-style superhero film directed and composed by artist Frank Miller, The Spirit is seen as a step back when compared to its "predecessor" Sin City. Johannson's assassin Silken Floss is like a "slap in the face of fans", when she loses the usual charm and looks like a bland housewife.