Christian Bale Felt 'Uncomfortable' Wearing Batman Suit

Christian Bale Felt 'Uncomfortable' Wearing Batman Suit
Source: Christian Bale Felt Uncomfortable Wearing Batman Suit

Although Batman appearing in the movie is always cool, but Christian Bale really hates the costume played by his character.

Specifically, in a revelation with fans, Christian Bale shared that he always felt uncomfortable when wearing a Batman suit. However, it is the same discomfort that helps the actor a lot in removing the character's emotions. Besides, although Christian Bale did most of the action, he was not allowed to get close to Batmobile. Many fans believe that this is probably also the intention of the producer, so that the actor's acting becomes 'angry'.

It is known that Batman's costume uses the image of a bat to create a sense of fear for criminals. The details of the Batman costume change constantly through different stories and media, but the most basic elements remain: a skull-shaped silk robe, a hood. face with a pair of bat ears, and a stylized bat logo on chest with utility belt always present.

About The Batman movie, last September, Warner Bros. suddenly announced that production had to be halted after a crew member was infected with Covid-19. Although the producer did not specify who the name is, but many sources confirmed that it was actor Robert Pattinson.

A source close to the Daily Mail also shared that if the delay continues, the manufacturer will have to spend about $ 5 million more to compensate for the costs of maintaining the production team. Before that, stopping filming for 2 weeks has cost The Batman $ 6.4 million.

The translation of Covid-19 caused the crew to continuously revise their filming plans. Originally planned, 75% of the film will be shot in Liverpool - the best location to recreate Gotham City. However, due to the local government's imposition of gap policies during the epidemic season, filming had to be diverted.