4 hidden stories about Princess Diana's worth making a movie

4 hidden stories about Princess Diana's worth making a movie

Princess Diana is a clear proof that being "royal" is somewhat not happy at all. On June 18, worldwide media reporte...

Princess Diana is a clear proof that being "royal" is somewhat not happy at all.

On June 18, worldwide media reported that the movie 'Spencer' about Princess Diana was about to be produced with Kristen Stewart as the female lead. Although being gone nearly 20 years, Princess Diana is forever a symbol of beauty and personality for the British people. Although the producer insists that he would not mention the tragic accident that took Diana's life, Diana Frances Spencer's life still has many stories that can be made into a movie.

Unfortunate childhood

Princess Diana's parents divorced when she was 7 years old. Diana has witnessed many times when her father beat her mother. The princess once told Royal biographer Andrew Morton that her mother, Frances Spencer, "cried a lot" because of her husband's bad habits, Count John Spencer.


In the autobiography of Princess Diana, Diana: Her true story - In her own words there is an excerpt from the princess: "I still remember the scene of him slapping my mother. I hid behind the door and watched her cry. I remember very well that my mother cried a lot. " After her parents divorced, Mr. John Spencer adopted two children. Since then, Diana and her younger brother Charles have only met their mother on the weekend. The unhappy childhood greatly influenced Diana's mentality as an adult.

The beautiful outside, tragic inside marriage

At the age of 20, Diana became Princess of Wales when she married Charles, Prince of Wales on July 29, 1981 at St. Basil's Cathedral. The event is commonly described as a "fairy wedding" and was watched by 750 million global TV viewers while 600,000 spectators lined up on the streets to witness the couple arrive at the ceremony.




But a year after the wedding, the darkness of a fairy-tale marriage began to be exposed. Prince Charles never stopped loving Camilla Parker Bowles - childhood lover even though she was married. Charles never even loved Diana and was forced to marry her. Princess Diana quipped: "Our marriage has three people, so it's a little cramped".

"Rebellion" and secret lovers

The turning point of the marriage between Diana and Charles was her first private interview in 1995 on the BBC. Diana publicly declared her husband's affair with "public eyes", attracting more than 21.5 million people interested in England. She also said that she was not loyal to her husband.


Princess Diana was accused of having an affair with many men, including the captain of the British rugby team named Will Carling, bodyguard Barry Manakee, cavalry officer James Hewitt, media expert James Gilbey, merchant Oliver Hoare ….


Psychological disorders and unsuccessful suicides

Unhappy family life, Diana suffered a mental crisis, fell into depression, accompanied by an eating disorder. Even according to the documentary Being Me: Diana on Netflix, she committed suicide four times.


Besides, the pressure to be "people of the public" is also very heavy. During and after her marriage, Diana became one of the most photographed women in the world. Diana had to keep all her acts secret to avoid the surveillance of the Royal Secret Service and tabloid reporters. Phone numbers are always changing. Every time out she must wear a wig and black glasses. It was because of trying to flee the paparazzi that she died in a tragic accident in 1997.


Spencer will be penned by writer Steven Knight (The Girl in the Spider's Web) and will begin shooting in early 2021. The film is expected to be offered to investors at the Cannes Film Market which will take place online due to the situation of COVID-19 epidemic has been tense.