Gap Launches NFT with Tezos Blockchain—Physical Wearable Hoodie to Cost as much as $500

Gap Launches NFT with Tezos Blockchain—Physical Wearable Hoodie to Cost as much as $500

Gap is now in the NFT business, and the company officially launched this last January 12, aiming to bring a "Gamified" collectible experience for the community. The famous American clothing brand partnered with Tezos, the blockchain where its NFT and sales currently run, for all its trading and barter needs for the digital landscape.

Gap is now Selling NFTs, Bringing a Gamified Experience


(Photo : Gap NFT)
Gap NFT features customizable hoodies in Common, Rare, Epic, and One of a Kind tiers.

Gap is now in the NFT business, and the company announced this earlier, with a limited auction schedule coming up in the last weeks of January. The company features a "gamified" experience with their clothes and digital collectibles, featuring works from artists like Brandon Sines.

Sines will feature his artwork called "Frank Ape," which features a unique take on community, creativity, and self-expression.

Gap will feature both physical and digital art pieces from this project, to which it would offer a massive collection to the world. A physical hoodie is also coming for people to wear in real life, but users need to purchase at least two Common NFTs before its sale under the Epic tier.

The NFTs from Gap will have four tiers, namely the Common, Rare, Epic, and One of a Kind. Gap's NFT collection is available on their website.

Gap and Tezos Form an NFT Bond over Clothes

Gap NFTs

(Photo : Gap)
Gap NFTs Hoodie Design

Gap partnered with Tezos, and its NFT will run on the Tezos blockchain that promotes sustainability with its operations. The efforts made by Tezos for its blockchain are towards energy efficiency, something that Gap also embodies with its physical hoodies that would feature recycled materials.

NFTs and its Relevance Today

No one can deny that NFTs are still one of the most significant things in the world today, and this is because of their popularity that sparked during the start of 2021. Different platforms have already launched various NFT marketplaces and creators in the industry, with almost anyone joining the hype.

One of the popular NFT offers now is RMDS Labs that would make their scientific innovations and other creations available as a token. Another bizarre entry to the digital world is the first-ever NFT restaurant in New York City, and yes, people use the tokens and blockchain to purchase food and trade said online collectibles.

Gap may not be the first clothing company that brought itself to the NFT business as the likes of Balmain, Macy's, Nike, Adidas, and more are already into the digital token. However, the milestone from Gap only shows that the world is evolving into the digital landscape, with a massive acceptance of NFTs and cryptocurrency in society.