Etermon: A proper strategy game featuring NFTs and RNG elements

Etermon: A proper strategy game featuring NFTs and RNG elements

Cool story mode, RNG mechanics, and “one of a kind” NFTs are some of the unique selling points that set Etermon apart in the blockchain gaming scene.

What is Etermon?

Etermon is a fine-tuned blend of strategy and multiplayer powered by blockchain. “Play to trade – Trade to earn” is the slogan of Etermon as players can enjoy this never ending-story and earn themselves great rewards.

In Etermon, players will become an astronaut who finds themselves stranded on a faraway asteroid. The planet is a home of elemental monsters – Eters. Players have to train these Eters and fight against the master to find their way back to Earth.

Etermon offers huge potential and enormous diversity for players to uncover. The cartoonish characters and colorful world of Eternity create a charming vibe. The NFT gaming market is already filled with plenty of promising projects and Etermon is one of a few to stand out in 2022.

Outstanding Features

Etermon applies the dominant “Play-to-earn” model but their focus is set on the gaming aspect. In this thrilling adventure, catching and training Eters is not the only thing you can do. The following are some of the unique features designed to help immerse you in the world of Etermon

Story-rich campaign

Unlike many other NFT games which have dull and repetitive PvE mode, Etermon brings you a campaign mode that is worth enjoying. As mentioned earlier, the story of the game is about an astronaut who got lost on a strange planet.

Your mission is to assemble the best possible team of Eters to defeat the final boss. Once the storyline is completed, a space gate will open and lead players into a different journey.

Strategy-centered gameplay

To come out on top of battles, Etermon requires players to make good combinations between various aspects. From training Eters to tactical planning, everything needs to be optimized. “Find the perfect formula” is the name of the game.

Fun-filled RNG

One of the coolest features in the game. RNG (random number generator) extends the excitement and unpredictability. Skills are not enough, you also need the lady luck to be on your side. With that in mind, each Eter’s progress is a result of chance.

Worried about competitive imbalance? Don’t be, leveling and spawning new Eters are the only elements that are subjected to RNG. In battles, there will be no randomness involved.

“One of a kind” NFTs

With RNG mechanics, every single Eter will never be the same. After hitting on a new level, these monsters’ stats will be grown randomly and that is what makes them different from each other.

Play, trade and earn with Etermon

“Play to Trade – Trade to Earn” is the slogan of Etermon. The game aims to create a true gaming community within the NFT scene. This means Etermon is a game in its truest sense.

Etermon offers you a proper campaign mode, the unpredictable experience from RNG mechanics, and a platform to socialize and have fun with each other. The marketplace is where players can trade their Eters and earn rewards.

Etermon is just the beginning

Spoiler alert: Etermon is only a part of a vast Metaverse that includes more planets for players to explore. The items and many things that belong to Etermon’s planet can be put to good use in the next chapters of the storyline.

According to the roadmap of the project, the first quarter of 2022 will mark Etermon’s first steps into the NFT gaming scene. Within this three-month period, Etermon will launch a public sale, introduce Marketplace, and release the game. Several special features are still in the pipelines.

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