When the social-distancing rules are relaxed, many movies have got back to the road and made such impressive revenue at the box office up to this time of 2020.

Let’s find out which are those movies if you haven’t watched any of them, try out now!


1. Bad Boys for Life – $424.6m

2. Sonic the Hedgehog – $306.7m

3. The Eight Hundred – $279.0m (in just 10 days, China)

4. Dolittle – $245.8m

5. Birds of Prey – $201.8

6. The Invisible Man – $130.5m

7. Onward – $117.0m

8. The Gentlemen – $115.1m

9. The Call of the Wild – $107.6m

10. Tenet – $53.m (in 3 days and 41 countries, not including North America and China)

Tenet will be out in China on September 4th, which is the current market to push the revenue for the movie.

Due to the lockdown of COVID-19, the whole movie industry has been under influence one way or another. This is considered as the main reason for the grossing of these.

However as the world situation has had some positive movements, it is expected that the movies to be released in the near future.