These names below are not only talented in entertainment industry, they are also successful businessperson when releasing their perfumes lines.

Let’s find out who they are.

Britney Spears – “Curious”


Britney Spears launched her perfume line “Curious” in 2004 and has become one of the most successful perfume by celebrities. Back in 2000, “Curious” was the ultimate product that every girl owned at least one bottle for themselves. Britney sold than 500 million bottles in a decade since its release.

Lady Gaga – “Fame”


Lady Gaga dropped her “Fame” in 2012 and received two different reviews. One side loved it while the other showed their disappointment as it wasn’t unique enough for Lady Gaga.

Paris Hilton – “Fairy Dust


“Fairy Dust” by Paris Hilton has a charming scent. It was sweet and alluring and became her greatest perfume line. She also had 20 other scents but “Fairy Dust” was unbeatable.

Rihanna – “Reb’l Fleur


Rihanna launched her perfume “Reb’l Fleur” in 2011 and gained a huge success worldwide. What a talented singer, music composer, and businesswoman.

Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck


Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift was out in 2011, the same year as Rihanna’s. Although the revenue was good, professionals said that the scent was not really impressive.

Beyonce – “Heat


In 2010, Beyonce launched “Heat” and was loved by not only her fans but also people all around the world because of its quality. “Heat” hit a strike in revenue and in 2013, the singer released a limited edition of this to celebrate her “Mrs. Carter World Tour”.

Ariana Grande – “Cloud


In 2015, Arianna Grande released her first perfume named “Frankie” – as a tribute she sent dedicated to her older brother. In 2018, she continued launching “Cloud” and receive lots of compliments.