Besides “Rad God” Eminem, Twista, or Busta Rhymes are known for their fast rap like a gunshot. And also the two others on this list. Let’s find out who are the 5 rappers with the fastest rap lines in history.

Fast rap is not only about connecting words with words on a fast beat. For some rappers, their abilities are truly like gifted and they even had their names in records of the world with the fast rap talent.

1. Twista

Up to now, Twista is still being considered as rapper with the fastest flow for so many years. In 1992, he set a Guinness record as the fastest rapper with 11,2 syllables in just one second. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong!

He is friend with other famous rappers in his generation like Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes…


2. Twisted Insane

Started writing rap lines since he was just 12-year-old, the rapper with San Diego background and founder of Brainsick Muzik is also one of the rappers with the fastest flow in history. He chose music as a way to get away from his poor living conditions.

In 2011, Twisted Insane received an invitation by Tech N9ne to attend the Worldwide Choppers. And here, he had a chance to meet Twista, Busta Rhymes and other “veteran” rappers in the musical culture.


3. Eminem

It would be a big mistake if “Rap God” Eminem isn’t on this list. Eminem is well-known worldwide for his fast rap skill and sharp lyrics which can “mentally” kill anyone who has the intention to insult him or his family.

Rap God – his single released in 2013 became the single with the most words spitted out in history with more than 1560 words in just 6 minutes. This also means that Eminem can rap 4,28 words in 1 second.


4. Busta Rhymes

If you once heard the song “Look At Me Now”, you would possibly know the name “Busta Rhymes”. The old-time male rapper who came from Brooklyn is truly a hard-working bee filling his career with 11 Grammys nominations.

Besides Look At Me Now, Break Ya Neck, Touch It or I’ll Hurt Ya of Busta also received love by his fans. A lot of younger rappers admit that they feel shocked and overwhelmed with the way Busta raps and holds his breath while performing.


5. Tech N9ne

Rapper and co-founder of the record company Strange Music – Tech N9ne is also a familiar name in the Chopper playground, which is a technique in rap that require the rapper to spit out word by word clearly on the beat, not just chasing the beat.

In “Takin’ Online Orders”, a song by Tech N9ne co-produced with Brotha Lynch Hung helped him create a new record with 12 words in one rhythm, while one minute consists of 76 rhythms. In other words, Tech N9ne could easily spit 15.2 words in one second.